Complete solutions to pack tomatoes

Tomatoes come in all shapes and sizes. From cherry tomatoes to tomatoes on the vine and lose tomatoes. For every tomato, there’s a perfect solution to deliver the tomatoes undamaged to the consumer. We also noticed a trend towards smaller packaging and snack portion packaging for tomatoes. JASA offers complete packaging solutions for several types of tomatoes in a variety of packaging types.

cherry tomaten, tomaten verpakken

Options to pack cherry tomatoes

There are several packaging solutions for tomatoes. JASA can advise you which solution is best suited for your products. Tomatoes are very fragile, so JASA will consult with the client which packaging line is most suited to deliver the tomatoes undamaged to the consumer. Even though JASA can supply complete packaging lines for every kind of tomato, most lines are created to pack cherry tomatoes. “We also see an increasing demand for smaller packages,” Piet Pannekeet, founder of JASA, explains. “For example in resealable bags, or small shakers with tomatoes on gas stations.”


“We deliver a lot of packaging lines for packaging cherry tomatoes in cups, shakers or buckets ranging from 2500 grams to a kilo”, Piet Pannekeet says. Cherry tomatoes are the type of tomatoes that are perfect for bringing as a snack. Because we see a trend towards smaller packages with less plastic use, there’s a shift from cups and shakers to smaller packages with cherry tomatoes. “Not only do these smaller packages use less plastic, but they are also resealable. This makes it perfect to take with you on the road to work or to school as a snack”, Piet says. “JASA also has complete packaging solutions for this.”  

JASA’s packaging lines can, depending on the wishes of the client, process several kinds of packaging. From the moment the tomatoes are sorted until the packages roll off the outfeed belt. For every product JASA can supply specific weighers and, depending on the wishes, several types of packaging can be built into the same packaging line. “On top of that, the tomatoes are processed and packed at high speed, while being handled with care.”

doy-style met tomaten

Packing tomatoes without plastic

Traditionally tomatoes are sold separately in the store, or on a plastic tray with a flow pack or the well-known shaker for cherry and snack tomatoes. With the actual discussion around sustainable packaging, there was a need for a sustainable alternative to pack tomatoes. After introducing the Sleever for apples, JASA also developed a cardboard sleeve to pack tomatoes without plastic.

The tomatoes are packed in a cardboard tray, and through a cardboard sleeve, the tomatoes are held in place. At the same time, they stay visible in the packaging. The solution is a customer-specific one and can be adapted to your wishes, needs, and products. The cardboard sleeve in combination with the right tray creates a sustainable packaging that is 100% suitable for recycling for tomatoes on a vine, cherry tomatoes and loose tomatoes.


Are you interested in the packaging solutions for tomatoes that JASA offers? Get in touch with our sales team! They are happy to advise you on the different possibilities for your products.

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