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The Sleever: additional flexibility with the Flex-Cassette

Paper packaging has a sustainable image, the reason why more and more consumers choose to buy products packed in paper. Consumers also like to see fresh produce like vegetables and fruits sustainably packed. Online attention extensively focused on plastic-wrapped cucumbers as the general public assessed this as an unnecessary waste of plastic. True, paper is a sustainable packaging material; however, it is not as flexible as plastic wrap. The reason for JASA to come up with an innovation to the JASA Sleever that makes paper packaging viable: the Flex-Cassette.


Comparing apples with apples

JASA’s state-of-the-art Sleever is capable of lightning-fast packaging products like kiwis, tomatoes, and apples on trays, wrapped with paper sleeves. However, not all apples are the same; apples do not come in one size, making it necessary to pre-sort them by size before the packaging process starts. Enabling various sizes and amounts per tray requires sleeves in multiple sizes. Customers who pack different sizes need multiple cassettes to wrap the right sleeve around the product, a tray containing four apples requires another sleeve than a tray with six or eight apples. For all these assortments, different cassettes where needed, as this is not convenient, JASA came up with a solution for the problem.


A new development

The JASA Sleever was initially designed to wrap trays with a cardboard sleeve. Every tray came with a specific cassette with sleeves. This required the machine settings to be changed in between packaging of, for instance, salads to tapas trays, the cassette enables fast change-over times. Eventually, the demand for packing more diverse products, like apples and kiwis, emerged. Due to the variety in sizes and amounts, the produce required specific cassettes for all multiplicities. To prevent a sprawl of cassettes, a new solution was developed for the various product-families: the Flex-Cassette. This development allows the use of only one cassette for packaging four, six and eight apples in multiple sizes.

A broad range of applications

At JASA, we listen to our customer’s wishes. In response to one of those wishes, JASA developed a new version of the JASA Sleever: a JASA Sleever able to handle narrower trays. Combining this version with the original machine, we established a new norm for our JASA Sleevers. The current version can handle trays with a bottom width of 55 to 210 mm! to achieve this broad range result, while still maintaining short change-over times, JASA developed a highly advanced vacuum-system. This system enables change-over times of only a couple of minutes between the smallest and largest packaging.

 JASA is continuously innovating to provide its customers with the best possible service and the best packaging solutions. Flex-Cassette is a notable example of this. In case you are interested in the Flex-Cassette or would like to know more about our packaging solutions, please contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions!


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