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Consumer’s eating habits are changing, stimulating the convenience food market to expand. Ready to eat packaging steadily gains popularity. The array of packaging varies from small bags for pieces of apple to trays for salads. Consumers expect ready to eat meals to be of high quality and bursting with nutrients. A label or gorgeous sleeve can convey a clear message of just how healthy the meal is. For instance, the number of vegetables, the division of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats can be printed on the label or sleeve.

Fruit verpakkingen

From desire to acquire

good news: the majority of the Dutch people have the desire to eat healthier. More vegetables, more fruits, less candy, sugar, and salt. In reality, it proves to be quite a challenge to stick to these intentions while preparing a meal. Consumers point out that vegetables and fruits have limited shelf lives, and preparing a wholesome meal takes up a lot of time. The desire for healthy meals is clearly present, supermarkets come up with the answer on how to acquire a healthy meal: ready to eat packaging. This packing method is the solution, offering delicious, fresh and ready to consume products.

Healthy choices all around

Proof that the demand for ready to eat meals is huge, finds evidence on the supermarkets’ shelves. In the past, the famous Dutch stamppot (hotchpot) meal dominated the ready to eat shelves, nowadays a variety of acclaimed international meals, for instance, from the far east, Suriname and Italy dress these shelves. Ample choice is also offered for vegetarians and vegans. Moreover, ready to eat meals are not just prepared for dinner but are also suitable to be consumed as lunch. More and more people replace bread-meals with salads and bowls of mixed fruits.


Convenience is today's consumers' choice. Pre-sliced apple bits, which can be munched in the car or train without the need to peel it, or a ready-made meal salad; consumers' chose convenient packaging. Most packaging is featured with easy tear-off or peel-off lids to facilitate the ease of use, enabling the spill-free opening of the packaging. JASA can provide all packaging of this kind. From Doypacks for cherry-tomatoes, packed on the JASA VFFS-machine, to salads wrapped in a gorgeous sleeve that gains attention on the shelves; JASA offers the right packaging.

JASA listens to your wishes

The demand for smaller packaging is on the rise, partly due to a growing number of single-person households, partly due to the ease of use. Together with you, JASA determines the right size and best suitable packaging material for your product. Packaging made from mono-material encourages separate waste collection and is obviously easier to recycle, making them less taxing on the environment. The packaging itself can advertise both the healthy meal inside and the sustainable material on the outside, making your packaging a brilliant marketing tool. JASA listens to your wishes, together with you we will find the best packaging for your product.

JASA: your reliable partner

Our years of experience make us a reliable partner for your ready to eat packaging. From input to packaging, JASA can accommodate you with a complete packaging solution. JASA’s packaging machines feature hygienic and user-friendly designs. The best packaging option for your product? JASA will gladly help you find it!

 Are you interested in our options for ready to eat packaging? Please contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions! Would you like to know more about sustainable packaging? Download our whitepaper, or explore our website.


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