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The Doypack: 5 facts about this packing

1. The father of the Doypack, Louis Doyen

The Doypack is named after its French inventor Louis Doyen. Back in 1962, Louis Doyen was the managing director of a packaging factory in St. Germain au Mont d'Or, France. He investigated new ways to pack fruit juices and olives in a way that would keep the contents safe and preserved. His main objectives were to keep the containers perpendicular during transportation, they had to be lighter than a bottle or a jar, and they had to be re-sealable. With that, the Doypack was born. A revolution in the packing industry!

doypack met vruchtensap

2. The Doypack a lighter alternative to glass, polyethylene terephthalate and a food can.

The Doypack is notably lighter than a glass bottle, a food can or a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle. A fact since the first Doypack and still valid for every Doypack produced today. After the Doypack had been on the market for some time, it was re-designed for processing through vertical machines. The re-designed Doypack is the model we process with our JASA machine. These Doypacks have several advantages over the original. The machine's settings on a vertical machine are easy to adjust to the packing type and can effortlessly be set to different product settings, making these machines friendly to use.

Another advantage is the high production capacity these machines boast, facilitated by using the foil from the spindle.

Doy Pack potatoes

3. The opening spout of JASA's Doypack

The JASA Doypack features the spout on the side of the package - a so-called easy opening -  making the Doypack easy to handle. All JASA packagings are sealed and produced without a cap. Without a cap, we use less plastic, a nice advantage as we thus limit the plastic soup in our oceans. At JASA we refrain from polluting our oceans with plastic! The sealing technique enables wrapping the product airtight. An airtight packed fresh product permits a prolonged shelf life, making our Doypack perfect for packing products like potatoes, greens, and fruits.

Plastic doppen vervuiling Noordzee

4. Our Doypack is durable

The reduced weight combined with the sealed package gives strength and durability to our Doypack. The adversity is; it makes recycling challenging, yet possible. The Doypack can be thrown out with plastic waste. Please check for proper disposal locations in your area.

In the Netherlands are three consolidated disposal locations for this type of material. The recycling process involves; pulverizing the material and up-cycling it into new products like license plates, flower pots, pallets, clothes, furniture, and occasionally even back into packaging materials. Plastic recycling is hot!

Fashion house and retailer H&M introduced a new collection, themed Conscious Exclusive. The clothes from this line are exclusively made from recycled fishing nets and plastics. They are produced by applying new techniques that are less carrying on the environment and in some cases, even completely biodegradable.

If you would like to know more about the upcycling of plastics, please read our article “our favorite initiatives" on recycling plastics.

5. Doypack and JASA

At JASA, we are doting Louis Doyen's invention. Not only do Doypacks look slick, but they also permit fast filling in our vertical machines. At JASA, we use the Doypacks mainly to pack potatoes, vegetables, and fruits. The traditional Dutch potatoes take the lead here. Fresh, healthy, and easy are the keywords! Doypacks allow for ultra-fast filling, and our JASA machines easily integrate into broader processes while playing a vital role in these processes. Our machines are versatile and allow for a variety of settings in quantity and wrapping methods. You can count on it; your products will be delivered fresh to your customers!

The Doypack. A timeless invention that we enjoy presenting to you. A packing method that supports a variety of technical and design options. For more information, feel free to contact us.


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