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The state of the art Sleever is the perfect all-round solution for all your trays. Introduced in 2018, the Sleever was developed on the basis of the user’s wishes and demands: the Sleever processes up to 100 trays per minute, has a very short changeover time of less than five minutes, hygienic design and is very easy to operate. The Sleever is a compact plug-and-play machine and can be added to every packaging line.

JASA continues to innovate. We saw an increased demand for sustainable and recyclable packages. That’s why we developed a revolutionary new technology which is able to pack apples, other fruit, vegetable, and potato products in trays in a way that is 100% suitable for recycling. The sleeves are made out of 100% cardboard* which is able to be recyclable and in most situations usable with your existing trays. The sleeve will replace the film that is currently used to pack apples for example. On top of that, the apples are packed fast with the JASA Sleever. Making this the solution for tray packages that are 100% suitable for recycling.

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Average ROI < 1 year

JASA is an authority when it comes to pre-glued sleeve technique. Therefore, the Dutch-designed Sleever became a worldwide sales hit. The Sleever is customizable to your specific needs and available with one or two belts. With an ROI of less than a year, the Sleever is compact and energy-efficient.

The compact Sleever can fit easily into any existing packaging line. Whether it’s a semi-automatic line or a fully automatic weighing line, filling and placing lids on trays and cups, JASA has your new complete solution. Depending on your packaging question, we will review if your line needs to be extended with additional machines. Some of the possibilities are: weighing- and dosing systems, filling stations, delta robots, tray/cup denesters, lid placers, tact conveyors, thermoformers, top sealers, and linear and carrousel weighers from Newtec and Multiweigh.

Why our customers chose JASA

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“We can resume production quickly with a changeover time of less than 5 minutes.”

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JASA Packaging Solutions stands for innovation, quality and flexible packaging machines. We are your specialist partner in the development of vertical packaging machines, Sleevers, and complete weighing and packaging lines.

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