JASA wins Produce Business Innovation Award

After the many awards that JASA has won in the Netherlands, JASA now won the Produce Business Innovation Award in America. This award is based on innovations in product, processing, and packaging in the produce industry.

Produce Business Innovation Award

Produce Business Innovation Award competition

JASA participated in the competition with its innovative sleeve packaging for vine tomatoes. This packaging is already widely used in Europe. It has now been introduced in America through the Produce Business Association - the organizer of, among other things, the New York Produce Show & Conference. The judging took place in Boca Raton, FL, and was carried out by editors and staff members who work in the fresh produce industry. Usually, the New York Produce Show & Conference takes place in November. In 2020, the event took place virtually. The voting was performed electronically, a practice that usually takes place during the fair.

Entry: sustainable tomato packaging

JASA's entry was its innovative and sustainable sleeve packaging for tomatoes. This packaging solution is suitable for rapid, sustainable, and plastic-free packaging of tomatoes but can also be used for apples, pears, kiwis, grapes, and many more fruits.

The packaging is closed fully automatically by sliding the sleeve around the tray. Paper packaging usually has to be processed manually, which is not the case with this packaging solution. This method suits the current COVID-19 times, in which more attention is paid to portioned packaging of products and automation by which products are not touched. Besides, plastic-free packaging is becoming increasingly popular in America. For that reason, JASA's plastic-free sleeve packaging is trendy.

Exhibitor highlights pictures tomatoes 2

Lightning-fast & flexible

With the cardboard sleeve, the tomatoes remain clearly visible, yet there is plenty of space for marketing texts on the packaging. The sleeve's winning design is a good example; a large variety of shapes and sizes are possible. The versatility of the machine makes it possible to easily switch between those shapes and sizes. The sustainable sleeve is made of cardboard and is therefore suitable for recycling.

Pointers mentioned at the ceremony on JASA's sleeve packaging:

  • ROI of less than one year
  • 100% plastic-free
  • Suitable for recycling
  • Flexibility; many sizes on one machine
  • Simple and fast changeover to a different size
  • Perfectly suited for brand design

Stunning award

Sandra Somford received the stunning award. The award has a super nice cut-out design, with a light at the top as a reference to the innovative idea. Engraved into the award is "JASA Packaging Solutions Inc. - JASA Sleever - Sustainable Tomato Packaging." With this award, JASA adds another very cool award to its trophy case, our first U.S. award!

Are you interested in our JASA sleeves? Or curious about the packaging possibilities for your product? Then please contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions.


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