Women in engineering: JASA’s first female technician

At the time Rieneke Evertsen (30) joined JASA three month ago, as the first female technician, she was already used to working in a man’s world. Rieneke had been in the navy for ten years. When asked how she feels about working in a men’s world, Rieneke says: “I don’t feel different working with men or women, I will always find my bearings.” After hours, Rieneke is a fanatic sportswoman: her passion is rugby, but you will also find her in the gym every week.


You go to the gym and practice rugby, sporty!

“back in 2015, it was my first time to follow the rugby world championships, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I felt it fitted my style. I enrolled myself participated in training two times, and right after that played my first game. I was hooked instantly! I am really motivated, too: I take part in two rugby training sessions per week and compete in twenty games per year. To further stay in shape, I go to the gym. Rugby became my passion, and I am really good at it.”

How did you become a technician?

“Actually, by coincidence, haha. After I finished school, I did not have my mind made up yet, and I eventually ended up with the military. The military offers good options to grow, and the training programs they offer are excellent. I choose for a technical study, although I had never before thought about making that my line of work. Today, however, I can say I made the right choice!”

Why did you leave the navy?

“Every year, you spent half a year on a ship. Regardless of how much fun that is, it does have a serious impact on your social life. On top of that, I wanted to get to know the other side of engineering. For a year, I studied mechanical engineering at university level, after which I studied Industrial Automation. There I was introduced to the techniques I currently use. It seemed really cool to me to make it my profession. Which is exactly what I did!”

How did you end up at JASA?

“After leaving the navy, I held two other jobs: one at a cheese factory, another in the packaging industry. The cheese factory was just not for me. With the other job, I faced a long commuting time; hence, I kept searching for the right job and eventually found JASA on the web. My interest was immediately sparked! At this time, I work as a JASA service technician for over three months already. Here I found exactly ‘the other side’ of engineering that I was looking for. What I enjoy is the fact that everything is automated, and working on a JASA production line is simply great!”

Rieneke Evertsen

After leaving the navy you again entered a men’s world, what is that like for you?

Whether I join a men’s or women’s world, I will find my bearings. I do not notice filling the role of the first female technician. Maybe the men need to adjust more than I do, the men need to get used to the fact that a female technician is working alongside them. People from my surroundings are not surprised that I am working in a men’s world. I only receive positive reactions. By the same token, I do expect to welcome more women in this line of work.”

You expect more women to work in engineering?

“Yes! In the navy, I have seen an increase in female technicians; at JASA, we see female technician trainees. These days, a proactive approach is followed to attract more girls and women into technological jobs. I honestly think there are a lot of options for girls within the technology sector. This is also good for the sector itself, considering the staff shortages in the field. In the past, girls seemed a little apprehensive to work in a men’s world; however, what I now notice these days have gone.”

Rieneke Evertsen

Do you enjoy working at JASA?

“Don’t tell anyone, but this is the best job I ever had! The diversion of the job, combined with great colleagues, makes it wonderful to work here. Also, we all notice the tremendous drive that forms a part of the company and the workforce. We all aim to make better machines and deliver better service, a team spirit that is typically JASA’s; it is very stimulating to work in such an environment.”

So, you are here to stay?

“Absolutely! I want to grow as a service technician so that later I can make the switch to engineering. Designing and improving the machines, that is my long-term plan. It is my dream to grow to that level. JASA is the perfect company to make these dreams come true. That is one of the reasons why I choose for JASA. The company offers enough opportunities to develop yourself as a technician while at the same time offers plenty of growing possibilities within the company.”


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