Technical and creative: Marleen is Creative Designer at JASA

It started out as a graduation internship, it ended up in a contract with JASA. As a Creative Designer, Marleen (31) takes on a diverse range of tasks bursting with creativity and topped with a technical lining. Are you in search of a new configurator or original packaging for a specific brand? Marleen is your go-to. Also, outside of the workplace, Marleen flaunts her creativity.

What do you do in your free time?

“I have two children, Abel (3.5 years) and Jonas (1.5 years old), taking up my time, haha! However, I still have enough time to meet my friends to go out on hikes or bike trips. Other than that, I keep myself occupied with nice projects. At times I have a baking phase where I keep the oven working overtime, and right now, I'm making a sweater for Abel."

How did you end up at JASA?

“I studied Industrial Product Design, and for my graduation internship, I ended up at JASA. Successfully so I may add, the current JASA machine displays originate from that internship. I was asked to design the casing, I ended up designing the graphics as well, even though that was not part of the assignment. In the near future, I will put my efforts into redesigning our software format, which, in essence, is the follow-up on my initial project for JASA. The project will give me a chance to renew the graphic design at the same time!”

Didn’t you want to leave after your internship?

“I have to admit that I felt pretty good at JASA. Besides, I was lucky as the project’s graphics were not finished yet. The reason for Hendrik to ask me to stay a bit longer to finish my project. However, my hours kept filling up with new assignments, which finally lead to a permanent contract, super! My position did not exist yet, I do not completely fit in the software department, yet I am also not a dedicated technical designer. The diversity in my job makes my job a different one every 6 months or so, although the graphic aspect is always present.”

What are you currently working on?

“for some time now, I am working on a project to enhance the configurator. The configurator is a tool that will help our sales staff to compile the machines for our customers. Our sales representative submits the specific wishes of a customer into the configurator, the program immediately shows all available options and non-options for the machine’s configuration. To be able to make the program, I need in-depth knowledge of the machines. At this moment, we are working on the data input of our Sleever into the configurator. I am investigating which size of trays can be combined with which sleeves, and which options then become available. Some of the options are, for example, only possible with a smaller tray size. That is the kind of data I record.”

Marleen 1

Are you creative at JASA too?

“absolutely, I design samples for our prospective customers. Our salespeople approach me when a customer wants to get a different feel with a specific packaging. For both the Sleever and the Bag-2-Paper™ machines, I design the packaging. I draw them up in Inventor, do the design in Illustrator, and then print it on packaging cardboard. The result is a realistic sample. Often, I design the packaging in line with the colors and the house-style of our customers while keeping the product that needs to be packed in mind.”

Marleen 3

 Is this a new development?

“Indeed it is, the reason to start this came with the start of the Bag-2-Paper™ project about a year and a half ago. At first, I made samples with a small cutting plotter, once it became obvious that our customers were delighted with these samples, we bought a professional cutting plotter. Nowadays, I also design a lot of sleeves. The fact that our customers are happy with this becomes clear from the number of requests that reach me through our sales department, I too am happy with my work; I am completely free in my creativity!”

A matter of choice:

Summer or winter-sports holiday?

“Summer holiday, I have never been on a winter-sports vacation! During the summer we always go off gallivanting through the Netherlands, I love to go camping.”

Inside or outside?
“outside, I love to undertake outdoor fun activities.”

Book or movie?
"Ow! Tricky! Because I have more time to go see a movie, I choose the movie, but I actually like both."

Sweet or savory?

Jazz or blues?
“Neither. I go for a Lazy Sunday Spotify playlist in the morning."


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