From world traveler to project lead

An interview with project lead Sacha Tamming

The turquoise seas surrounding the Bahamas, the metropole Tokyo, Sacha Tamming (43) has seen it all. In his previous job, he traveled to all corners of the world. Nowadays, Sacha works at JASA, allowing him to be home every night, and he is very happy with that: “a year and a half ago, my wife gave birth to our daughter, a dream come true! I couldn’t be happier, and I enjoy being home with my little girl at night.”

So, tell us; how do you spend your free time?

“I am a fan of Ajax in heart and soul, and stay glued to the TV-set every match they play. When the weather is nice, you will see me speeding by on my motorbike, a Suzuki GSX-R 750. My friends enjoy riding too. Every year we organize a biker weekend, riding to Luxembourg, the Belgium Ardennes, or the Eiffel. We make the weekends real-men-weekends, riding bikes and drinking beer, it’s great! I am married to Esmé with whom I have a daughter; Lot, and a French Bulldog dubbed Snurk (snore). Lot and Snurk are absolutely crazy for each other, it is awesome to see the two together! Together with Esmé and Lot, we often go gallivanting, for instance, we go to the petting zoo, shopping, and to Enkhuizen visiting ‘Sprookjeswonderland’ (fairytale wonderland).”

Lot en Snurk

Before joining JASA you held an exceptional job, what did you do exactly?

“I was a lifeboat service engineer, checking and servicing the boats that are attached to cruise ships and large cargo vessels. A job that can be compared to an IA DoT inspection except boats. I performed checks inspecting if everything was working properly on the boat and its ‘Davit System’ -the cable system- that lowers the boat into the water. A ship due for inspection could be moored in Rotterdam, Canada, or New Orleans. Wherever the ship was, that’s where I traveled to. It was a fantastic period!”

It sounds as if you are a seasoned traveler!

“Traveling the globe is absolutely incredible, visiting the most beautiful places on earth and having a beer with coworkers at the end of the day. Personally, I love traveling, but the best part of the job was that it took me to places other than the common destinations. It allowed me to really see and discover new things. Memories I dearly cherish. However, I got something in return that is at least as valuable.”

What did you get in return?

“My wife and I really wanted a baby. About two years ago my wife got pregnant, thank goodness! Our one-and-a-half-year-old beautiful baby girl is the winning ticket in the lottery, the reason why we named her Lot. My job at JASA allows me to be home every night to spend time with her, something I thoroughly enjoy. My previous job took me away from home to France for three days or to Tokyo for four weeks. Too long to be away from my little girl.”

Did you start your job-hunt on account of Lot?

“It was a fortunate turn of events. After thirteen years as a service engineer, I knew every trick of the trade, I was ready for a new challenge. Additionally, I was often assigned to jobs in Schiedam an hour and fifteen-minute commute from home, which was a bit much for me. That’s when I decided to look for a new job. At one point, Profield, a secondment agency, reached out to me, offering me an appealing position at JASA. Later they even asked me to be the cover model on their website because I landed the job at JASA through them. An incredibly nice experience!”

What was your first impression of JASA?

“I had my job interview with Eduard (CEO) and Arie (manager projects & solutions). They told me the JASA story and how JASA is still growing to date. They explained to me their motivation and the company’s objectives for the future. I was truly positively impressed with their portrayal of the company and became enthusiastic and motivated to get started there. From what they told me, I understood that JASA is a great and dynamic company. A total change for me, from lifeboat service engineer to project lead for the food industry.”

Sacha Tamming

How did the transition go?

“Eduard and Arie hooked me up with another project lead, Mitchell. That played out really well! It enabled me to observe the company culture and grow into the role of project lead while it allowed me to ask questions. The transition process went smooth and easy, although admittedly, it was a major change for me. I had lots to learn and made really long hours to absorb as much knowledge as possible in the least bit of time. It was a hectic period that turned my life upside down! I regarded it as an investment in my future, and it paid off.”

Are you onboarded at JASA yet?

“My previous job entailed paperwork for 25% of the time, while 75% was spent on the manual labor part of the job. With my job at JASA, it is the other way around; I like that just fine! I yet have lots to learn about the mechanics of the machines as well as getting to know my way around in the JASA computer systems, another part I genuinely enjoy. These challenges motivate me to keep moving forward. Meanwhile, I have learned enough to become the linchpin and binding factor of the organization. I am aware of the problems our customers experience, and I know how to translate those to our planning department. I involve myself with the work planning as well and act as a liaison between our mechanical and electrical engineers. I really like planning and directing the work.”

How do you see the future?

“For the coming period, I have lots to do and learn. I am good where I am for now at JASA! Traveling is still one of my passions, my bucket list includes a trip to Australia as well as more available time to ride my motorbike, which currently remains under a layer of dust. My friends, like me, started their own families and have babies too, making it a lot more challenging to plan a weekend out of town. It has been too long ago, and it’s high time for a men’s motorcycle weekend!”


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