van Assemblage Medewerker naar Werkvoorbereider/Inkoper

From Assembly Employee to Workplanner and Purchaser

Interview with assembly employee Dennis Bankert: six years of power and development

At the age of 22, Dennis Bankert, work planner, and purchaser has already made tremendous growth in both his private and professional life.

His accomplishments;
* Third place at gymnastics in the Netherlands
* In six years turned from assembly apprentice to work planner
* Obtained three diplomas during these years

Assemblage Medewerker

You are quite the busy bee, what do you do in your spare time?

"I live in Broek op Langedijk with my parents, together with my sister Rudy of 18 and two cats named Japie and Floortje. I go to the gym six times a week, occasionally take my mountain bike out for a spin, do some work on my car, or meet up with my friends.”

So, you are a very active person!

"From an early age on, I have always been into sports. I used to train gymnastics at a high level and at one time secured the third place in the Dutch junior competition. However, after switching from the youth team to the senior league, I found myself facing types like Jake Dalton. That's when I decided to toss the towel and change my game to weight lifting.”

How do you combine that much of training with your job?

"I start at seven in the morning, that implies that I'm off at 4:15 pm. That leaves me the entire evening hence, plenty of time! When I started at JASA, I worked as a technician tinkering and working with hammers and wrenches the entire day. Nowadays, I'm performing desk duties and lead a sedentary life, a huge difference! That really motivates me to go to the gym at night.”

How did you end up at JASA?

"During my technical studies Mechatronics level 2, now six years ago, I had to complete an internship. The school I attended suggested that I would apply at JASA. After they took me in, I never left again! In the beginning, my job was to assemble the machines, and this went really well. After a year, I was advanced and made responsible for taking delivery of the machines, meaning I had to dot the I's and cross the T's to make the machines ready for the customer. After that, I took the Mechatronics level 3 training. After completing this, I enrolled myself for additional education as a work planner enabling me also to see the other facets of the company, eventually making the transition from the shop floor to the office". A transition I am still celebrating after receiving my diploma work planner, last wednesday!

Dennis Bankert

What was one of your highlights at JASA?

"The construction of our sleever. I got so involved with it that people started calling me Chief Sleever ha-ha. That was an incredibly fun time. I even got to travel to international trade fairs to promote the sleever. After this, another highlight followed when I got offered the position of work planner in our project department. I'm still grateful for this opportunity! I was hardly skilled or experienced at it; still, JASA offered me the opening.”

Assemblage Medewerker

What does your job entail?

"I am a work planner and purchaser. This entails that I make sure the workers on the floor receive the correct blueprints, the right materials in a timely fashion, and our system is fed with the correct documentation of the materials and parts. Additionally, I took on the responsibility of purchasing service tasks, for which I, among other things, prepare the service slips. Incredibly varied tasks that never bore and not one day is the same as the other.”

What do you find fascinating working at JASA?

"The working atmosphere, the coworkers are all good with each other. We have a crew of diverse people that together form a great team. We are all close to one another. A few years ago, one of our colleges turned fifty; I took the occasion to stealthily make him an over the hill basket with atop his picture. He really appreciated it.”

Which goals have you set yourself for the coming period?

"I was offered a perpetual contract, and I do intend to stay at JASA. I want to focus on purchasing, JASA has offered me the option to follow a course in purchasing. Over the past years, I have learned a lot; from milling to work planning in-house at JASA. I aim to keep learning, and here at JASA, I am given a chance to do just that.”

Are you interested in becoming a member of the super fun JASA team and getting the opportunity to develop yourself? Then, don't hesitate and check our career openings!


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