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Trainees at JASA, how do they experience working at JASA?

Double interview with two trainees

Jimmy Keeman (17) and Robin Krul (16) combine working with learning. They gain work experience at JASA, and we asked them about their experiences.

Did you already know each other when you started working at JASA?

Robin: "No, we got to know each other here. We're both studying Mechatronics, me at level 3, and Jimmy at level 4."

Jimmy: "Coincidentally, we found out we're at the same school, but not in the same class."

How long will your traineeship last at JASA?

Jimmy: "We started six months ago, and will do our traineeship during the entire course. In total, our education will take three years, and throughout these years, we will be doing our traineeship here."

Robin: "We combine learning and working; we go to school one day a week and work four days at JASA. Every so often, we go to school for the whole week to learn more about technical principles. We then put that into practice again on the work floor at JASA.”

How did you end up at JASA?

Robin: "We have to find a company by ourselves; as it happened, I ended up at JASA. I thought it would be a nice company to work for, because of the pleasant atmosphere and because working on larger packaging machines appeals to me.”

Jimmy: "That was also my first impression and the reason why I applied. The job interview went well, and I was told that I could continue to work here. I am tremendously happy with that!”

Did you find it hard to start working in a new company?

Robin: "I didn't have a problem with that because we had an orientation day at the beginning of last year. During that day, I got to know the company a little, that made the step to work here easier.”

Jimmy: "Also nice was the tour through the factory we got when we first started here. A lot was explained at that time. After that, we were ready to start and allowed to work completely autonomously. That’s super cool!"

What have you learned so far?

Jimmy: "We started by building one of the modules. Currently, we are working on bigger projects."

Robin: "It was instrumental that we first built several modules, that's how we learned how the machine is built up. After that, it's easier to build the machine, because you understand the machine better.”


What do you like best about JASA so far?

Jimmy: "The fact that we can work independently feels good. Test-running the machine is what I like best. Checking if what you have made is working satisfactorily, and when it is not, figuring out what the problem is."

Robin: "In the beginning, I found it difficult to work on the electrical components, but I learned that on the work floor. It's extra cool when in the end, you can do that."

How do you feel about doing your traineeship at JASA?

Jimmy: "Really nice! And very educational. I also like to do all kinds of different things one day, not always the same. variety, that's what I like."

Robin: "We have nice colleagues. Older and younger, they're all great to work with, and we always have lunch together.”

What does your future look like?

Robin: "I hope to be able to continue working at JASA after my training. I would like to work as a Service Engineer, visiting customers on location to repair their machines, while meeting other people. Also, I would like to go abroad; hence, there is still plenty to do!”

Jimmy: "I have not made up my mind yet; luckily, I still have three years to think about what I want! Maybe I want to become a draftsman and design the machines from the drawing-room. Let’s see what the future will bring!"


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