Plano Tray Line

JASA is about innovation, quality, and flexibility in packaging technology and recently launched the innovative Plano line with a revolutionary new packaging concept: the Pop-Up Pack.

The Pop-Up pack is the next big step in reducing packaging material. It is a single-layer pack made of 100%* cardboard. The pack is formed from a plano before filling.

The flexible JASA Plano line efficiently packages various products in sustainable paper packaging. The Plano line has a very short change-over time combined with a small footprint. In other words: high flexibility per square meter.

Would you like to know more about JASA's Plano line?

The benefits of the Plano line

Efficient packaging

During the logistical process, the planos take up little space

Less frequent refilling

Due to the compact form, many planos fit in the machine

One consumable

The planos form both the box and the lid. Consequently, the operator only needs to manage one consumable

Complete packaging solution

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The Pop-Up Pack: from plano to packaging

The plano line consists of several components:

  • The JASA JDR, spider robot, is the heart of the plano line.
    (Optionally, it is possible to connect multiple robot cells)
  • Versatile conveyor system
  • Closing systems

A variety of closing methods are available for the Pop-Up Pack:

  • Label(s)
  • Zippers
  • Punch-lock shutter
  • Double-sided tape

JASA's Plano line: high-end and flexible

The high-end Plano line is fully recipe-controlled. This means that all settings (of the spider robot, the plano magazine, the plano conveyor, and the sealing systems) are controlled from one display. The settings for each package can be stored as a recipe. JASA's Plano line can handle various sizes of planos with a change-over-time of less than 3 minutes.

The Plano line is compatible with various packaging lines, including:


Hard fruits


Stone fruits


Soft fruits

Zacht fruit




Pizza verpakking



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