Sustainable packing with recyclable packaging materials

Today’s consumers not only prefer sustainable packaging, they are also willing to pay extra for it when a product is packed in sustainable materials. 55% of Dutch consumers believe that the most essential factor in sustainable packaging is the possibility to recycle the material.

The packaging industry listened to these consumer’s demands and has taken an active approach to using sustainable production materials. Sustainability is a hot topic, one of the ways to ensure eco-friendly and sustainable packaging is: to use recyclable materials for packaging. Exactly in line with the consumer’s desire! But, is packing material not taxing by nature? And then, which materials can be recycled? We've got it all figured out for you.

Stop voedselverspilling

True or false: packing materials are bad for the environment

Not true. Although 20% of our waste consists of packing materials, packaging is definitely useful. Food can be kept longer when packaged, leading to less food waste, and food waste is the leading polluter of the environment! Undeniably, the packaging waste in the Mediterranean Sea and the plastic soup in our oceans have a severe impact on the environment. However, not the packaging is the problem, but the way that it is dealt with after use. Packaging belongs in waste bins, not in our seas.

bier flessen

True or false: glass is eco-friendlier than cans as packaging material for drinks

True. When you are in for a nice cold beer, choose your beer from a glass bottle. Glass bottles can be refilled up to 40 times, thus saving raw materials, energy, and waste. On top of that, in the Netherlands and 11 states in the U.S.A, you will receive your deposit back, recycling at its best!

True or false: bulk packaging is eco-friendlier than single packaging

True and false: bulk packaging is only less taxing on the environment when the food is fully consumed. We mentioned it before, food waste exhausts the environment; hence, refrain from wasting food! When you regularly have left-overs when buying in bulk, please consider buying smaller portions, packed in recyclable packaging.


True or false: 100% recyclable is a myth.

False. More and more companies are producing packing materials that are really 100% recyclable. Unilever even went beyond that and committed itself to the use of fully recyclable or reusable plastic and compostable materials by 2025. JASA is also making use of packing materials that are 100% recyclable, like our Bag-2-Paper™.

True or false: there are many recyclable packaging materials

True. At JASA, we work with sustainable and recyclable packaging materials, similar to our JASA Sleever. There are more options next to paper; more materials can be recycled, such as:

  • Aluminum - Aluminum cans can be 100% recycled, even a couple of times over. A significant advantage: the production of an aluminum can from recycled aluminum saves 95% of energy compared to producing a new can.


  • Cardboard - Nowadays, who does not shop online? Most of us Frequently have the delivery man at the door with a filled cardboard box. A good thing those boxes are recyclable.


  • Glass - Recycled glass avoids 20% of air pollution and 50% of water pollution, numbers that make us happy!
Sustsainable fruit packagings

True or false: mono-materials have no added value to recycling 

False. Optimal recyclable materials are processed in a vastly homogeneous stream, very different from the mixed stream in which non-optimal recyclable materials are processed. For the recycling process, it is favorable to have the smallest possible mixed stream. Mono-material streams prevent contaminated plastic streams are burnt.

True or false: the demand for paper packaging is on the rise

True. At JASA, we definitely notice the rising demand for recyclable paper packaging. Obviously, we acted upon the changed requirements, and by doing so, we won the 2019 packaging award with our innovative Bag-2-Paper™. A global change is noticed, companies like Nestlé also make the changeover to paper packaging. The popularity of paper is growing among consumers worldwide. Paper packing materials are agreeable to the environment, and using them will promote your company.

Máxima with JASA's Sleeve for apples

True or false: recycling is of paramount importance at JASA

True! We offer the possibility to use various materials on our machines. Materials like paper and recycled materials. At JASA, we are dedicated not to add to the plastic soup in our oceans, and we aim to reduce the exhaustion of our planet. We have already reached some highlights. We proudly presented Dutch Queen Máxima the first totally plastic-free pack of apples. At JASA, we remain focused on developing sustainable and innovative packaging machines!

Read more about paper packaging over here.


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