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Paper packaging: functional and good for the environment

All over the world, Action is being taken for a cleaner environment and a better climate. Sixteen-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is in the news every day, and The Ocean Cleanup is successfully removing plastic from the sea. JASA is also doing its bit for a cleaner world by using environmentally friendly paper packaging.

Plastic Soup

Paper: sustainable packaging

Annoying news reports about oceans full of microplastics and sea creatures with pieces of plastic in their stomachs have caused a turnaround, also in the packaging industry. Businesses and consumers are looking for environmentally friendly packaging solutions; paper is the perfect sustainable alternative to plastic. Paper is one of the most sustainable packaging materials around: it is recyclable, renewable, and boasts the highest recycling rate in recent years.

papier glas metaal en plastic afvalbakken

Recycling paper, how does that work?

Many Dutch people separate paper from the rest of their waste; as a result, most paper is recycled. Dutch citizens use an average of 115 kilos of paper per year, 75 kilos of which ends up in the paper bin. This paper is then collected and cleaned, from the pulp new paper is made, which is pressed, dried and cut, and voilà! Renewed paper. Fortunately, paper is not the only thing that is recycled, we already wrote an article about recycling waste and in which designated waste bin different materials should be placed.

Papieren verpakkingen AGF

Paper packaging: the possibilities

Paper packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. From paper bags to trays, if your product lends itself to paper packaging, a suitable shape can be found for it. Some products, like liquids, are not suitable for paper packaging, but many other products, such as potatoes, are. Another advantage of paper packaging is that it not only has a durable but also a luxurious look & feel.

The consumer chooses paper packaging

Paper packaging radiates sustainability, today’s consumers' choice. Unilever's research shows that one-third of consumers choose their brands based on this consideration. As a result, sustainable packaging is not only good for the environment but also for your business. Demonstrating your environmental awareness shows customers that your company stands for sustainability and quality. To communicate your company's sustainable objectives, you can use your (paper) packaging as a marketing tool. That's why all paper packaging on the market, such as Paper-Vento®, Semoulin Packaging, and cartoPaper, can be effortlessly processed on JASA's vertical packaging machines.

sutainable packages

 The Bag-2-Paper™

JASA, too, is striving to reduce the plastic soup, and we came up with a revolution in sustainable packaging: The Bag-2-Paper™. Till now, paper packaging always had a sealable coating on the inside. The innovative Bag-2-Paper™ is a step away from that. This sustainable, recyclable packaging has already won three (!) awards: the NL Packaging Award 2019, the WorldStar Packaging Award 2020, and the WorldStar Sustainability Award 2020. The real innovation of this packaging is that it is not sealed conventionally; instead, it is closed with a label making it suitable for recycling. Another ace, because the packaging is not sealed, it is possible to use the Bag-2-Paper™ machines at lightning speed. The Bag-2-Paper™ is suitable for packaging potatoes, onions, and carrots.

paper packaging apples

The JASA Sleever

Another sustainable paper packaging solution from JASA: the JASA Sleever. Once started as the JASA Sleever 1.0 was innovated into the 2.0 version. During our Sleever innovation process, we observed the essential aspects our customers required. The Sleever 2.0 is developed in a modular way allowing a minimal changeover time. In addition, the machine packs at lightning speed while everything has been done to optimize its safe operating. By listening to the wishes of our customers, we developed a revolutionary technology with paper sleeves which can pack many types of products: from meal salads to apples, from cherries to avocados, and much more. The innovative JASA Sleever is the perfect all-round solution for all types of trays. On top of that, the machine can be integrated into virtually any packaging line.

 The benefits of JASA's packaging solutions:

  • 100% paper*
  • No plastic
  • Suitable for recycling
  • Rapid packaging
  • Energy efficient

 Are you interested in our packaging solutions and curious about what we can do for you? Please contact us; we are happy to answer all your questions.

Read more about paper packaging over here.


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