Packaging innovations: renewal, progression, and sustainability

In our contemporary world, we will soon be using the 5G telecom network, rely 24/7 on digital assistants and see self-driving cars overtake us on the freeway. We must recognize that our business needs to follow suit with improvements. We follow trends and listen to the requests of our customers, thus accomplishing the sought-after packaging innovations.



Sustainability: we cannot stop talking about it and with good reason! While our oceans fill up with plastic soup and global CO2 emissions are on the rise, we can no longer look the other way; we all need to pull our weight to regain a sustainable global environment. Us included; our industry needs to come up with packaging innovations aimed at protecting mother earth. Fortunately, we recently noticed an increase in biodegradable packaging.

Plastic-free packaging

Next, to biodegradable packaging, there is also some positive news about the plastic soup in our oceans; more and more packaging is produced without plastics. Cardboard is the new trend. It is reusable, recyclable and will not end up as plastic fiber on the north pole. Here at JASA, we produce our sleeves from 100% cardboard, thus 100% recyclable!

plastic soep

Recyclable packaging

Single-use plastic is practically banned from production, making way for the new standard: recyclable packing materials; obviously, we actually do need to recycle them! We already posted a blog on how to recycle. Consumers can further be informed on how to recycle by relevant printed information on the packaging. 


Food waste reduction

Another area that needs improvement in sustainability is food waste. On average, we throw out 90 lbs. of food per person per year. Lots of room for improvement as food waste has an enormous impact on the environment. Think of the packaging, the transport and the fossil fuels needed for these processes. Besides these facts, our food waste produces 3.5% of all greenhouse gasses per year. We are happy to notice an increase of measures against the greenhouse effects, like the too good to go initiative. The packaging industry can definitely contribute to the reduction of food waste. For one, smaller packaging can be produced. Another option is the use of fresh-packs, packages containing just the right amount of food for a serving. On top of that, the shelf life of foods can be optimized, all measures that will help reduce food waste.


Innovative packaging

It is not just about the materials or size of the packaging; the shape of the packing too plays a role in packaging innovation. Creativity in design will draw attention to your packaging amid similar products on the shelves. At JASA, we simply love the sleek design of the Doypack. Over the years, the design of the Doypack has changed, ultimately enabling a multitude of applications in design and practical options. Variable sizes allow variable portions, thereby fitting the demands of the environmentally aware consumer.

Fruit Logistica, Bag-2-Paper

Good things come in small packages

Most buyers prefer small packaging, a win-win situation as this obviously works favorably for producers as well. Transporting a minimal amount of air and the maximum amount of product is clearly more cost-effective, and in addition, results in a smaller carbon footprint. At JASA, we developed our award-winning bag-2-paper™ vertical packaging machine. Whatever your packaging needs, this machine allows you to adjust your packaging to the size of your product, from nuts to potatoes to any dry goods.

The customer link

Designing packaging is no longer just about functionality. It is a potent marketing tool as well. A first-class design incorporating the right colour, shape, adornments, and the material will attract the attention of your target group. An innovative design will highlight your product on the shelves, and at the same time tells your buyers your story and what your company stands for. Packaging innovation, stressing sustainability ties in perfectly with modern consumer’s choices.

At JASA we, in fact, proved ourselves, innovators. We will gladly take the opportunity to assist you in developing your own packaging innovations. Contact us for more information.

Read more about paper packaging over here.


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