Verpakking als marketingtool

Packaging design: your packing as a marketing tool

Just a split second; that is what takes a shopper to assess your product triggered by implicit associations. Implicit associations are brainwaves connected because of previous experiences. How can you make use of these associations, and how to use them as a marketing tool? What outcome should we expect, and how does sustainability fit in?

Packaging design and associations

Customers will spot specific features from the packing at first glance like color, shape, and the material it’s made of. Combined, these features will trigger a perception of the product. In that split second, your product will be reckoned a deluxe or a B-brand, and will at the same time be judged as sustainable or not. Taking into account these features into your packing will make an incredibly effective marketing tool!

Packaging design: color, shape, graphics, and material

Which elements should be considered in the design of your packaging? Colors are an excellent start, eyecatchers that overtake expectations. Black is associated with elegance and luxury; green represents health and nature. Shapes play their own part; large packaging suggests a cheaper product while small packaging are perceived as a luxurious article. What about illustrations and brand mascots? Think of  Kleenex's puppy. The white Labrador is associated with fluffy softness while your mind does not logically link tissues with puppies. Yet, everybody is familiar with the Kleenex puppy, sly! Materials will influence the consumer’s mind as well. There is a significant difference in perception between plastic and cardboard. Obviously, sustainable materials receive a higher score by the public. All these ingredients contribute to the decision of buying a product.

Page toiletpapier

Packaging design, the correlation between producer and consumer

The design of the packaging clearly is the essence to prompt consumers to buy a product. It also influences consumers to stay loyal to a brand. When consumers consider themselves to be well informed and connected to your brand, they are likely to commit to your brand. Which is precisely what you are aiming for! Returning customers who identify themselves with your brand and recognize your values! Ensuring your marketing strategy and budget pays off!


Packaging design en sustainability

Sustainability is not a trend; it's the new standard. A packaging design that oozes sustainability will net a broad group of consumers. Half of the Dutch pay attention to the sustainability of a product before they commit to buying it. When it comes to food products, the Dutch consumer’s interest in sustainability even tops 60%.

On top of that, 75% of the Dutch find it essential for companies to support society, the well-being of humans in general, and the environment. Why would you not aim your packaging designs for these goals! Think about it, a cardboard packaging lined with paper is perceived as a sustainable green product. A straightforward green message that is not overdone!

verpakkingen met sleeve

JASA and packaging design 

JASA is an absolute specialist in packing offering around 10 different shapes of packagings. This also applies to our sleeves. Our apple sleeves are fully recyclable. Our sleeves for salads and meats are totally adaptable to any design your company requires, leaving ample space for your company logo, recipes, and a statement about your company’s eco-friendly policies. Another packaging innovation is JASA’s revolutionary Bag-2-Paper™ method. Sustainable and recyclable, which is exactly fitting the demands of our customers. Whatever you require, our JASA machines can adapt to it!

Contact us, and let us know how we can assist you in packing your products. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Whatever you need, we can wrap it up for you!


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