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JASA’s apple packaging

More and more companies in the produce industry require sustainable packaging. It is their way to contribute to a sustainable world while meeting the growing demand for sustainable packaging. JASA noticed that apples, packed in trays, were still wrapped in plastic film, which no longer fits our perception of a sustainable environment. That's why JASA made it possible to pack apples sustainably, plastic-free and fast on top, with the JASA Sleever. Last year promptly after the introduction of the JASA Sleever, JASA’s apple packaging method became an enormous success.

Fruit Logistica 2019

During Fruit Logistica 2019, JASA introduced the JASA Sleever for apple packaging. The sleeves with which the apples are packed are made of 100% cardboard* and, therefore, are 100% suitable for recycling. The paper sleeve is a fantastic alternative to plastic-foil. Paper is currently incredibly popular. Next to sustainability, the JASA paper sleever machine brings about another big advantage: its processing speed. Because JASA's innovative sleever packs the product without the need to glue it. Instead, a label is applied to close and seal the packaging. The technique allows the JASA Sleever to operate at high speeds. During Fruit Logistica, 2019, the JASA Sleever became an instant success, and it still is.


Great success

A sustainable packaging solution for apples was precisely what many companies were looking for. The Sleever can be configured to pack either 4, 6, or 8 apples, a feature that makes this machine very popular. Moreover, the machine easily integrates into existing packaging lines! The JASA Sleever became a massive success in no time, its success continues to grow in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Van der Lem, a major player in the fresh produce market since 1948, was one of the first companies in the Netherlands to integrate the innovative Sleever in their packaging line for apples. The JASA Sleever also became famous beyond Dutch borders. The packaging machine is very popular in Italy too, a country with a large apple market. A real highlight for JASA was the moment that Dutch Queen Máxima held our sleeve in her hands.

Tomaten met sleeve

More and more possibilities with the JASA Sleever

The JASA Sleever was initially marketed for sleeving, for example, meal salads. However, JASA saw more possibilities: apples. The enormous success of apple packaging with the sleever led to the expansion to packaging other natural products. Currently, the JASA Sleever is also suitable for packaging fruits such as kiwis and tomatoes.

Innovation on the JASA Sleever: The Flex-Cassette

The JASA Sleever was designed for sleeving trays with a cardboard sleeve. A specific cassette with sleeves was installed per tray size. Converting the machine from, e.g., a meal to a tapas tray is accomplished in the blink of an eye. However, packaging produce would require a variety of specific cassettes to accommodate the various sizes and different quantities per pack. That is just not smart! To prevent an abundance of cassettes, JASA developed a new solution: the Flex-Cassette. An improvement that allows the use of only one cassette for packaging four, six, and eight apples in various sizes. A development that makes paper packaging fast, flexible, and easy!

 JASA is continuously innovating to provide its customers with the best possible service and the best packaging solutions. The JASA Sleever and Flex-Cassette are excellent examples of this. Are you interested in the JASA Sleever, or would you like to know more about our packaging solutions? Please contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions!

Read more about paper packaging over here.


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