Hybrid packaging machine with interchangeable sealing system

The packaging industry continues to surprise with remarkable developments for the application of paper, which is why JASA has developed a hybrid packaging machine with an interchangeable sealing system. In this article, we tell you all about this innovative packaging machine.

Why choose the Hybrid Packaging Machine from JASA

Consumers prefer paper packaging because of the environmental benefits. With this hybrid packaging machine, JASA makes it possible to package quickly, flexibly, and with minimum changeover times, even with paper.

Some packaging materials, such as sealable paper, laminates, and paper laminates, require much pressure for sealing. The revolutionary hybrid packaging machine combines the intermittent JASA350 packaging machine and the JASA Continuous Machine. This combination guarantees the proper sealing pressure and introduces an interchangeable sealing system in a packaging machine.

The machine has been fitted with a servo-driven horizontal sealing system, where the sealing jaws are easy to change. The servo-driven sealing system is faster, gives more seal pressure, and offers the possibility of a predefined opening. The interchangeable sealing system offers the flexibility to apply the most suitable seal profile for each packaging material.
Higher speed and better sealing performance, absolutely superb!

Advantages of the Hybrid packaging machine:

  • High speed
  • Higher and adjustable, sealing pressure
  • Interchangeable sealing system
    • Most optimal seal profiles
    • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Flexibility

Servo driven sealing system; seal pressure

The hybrid packaging machine is fitted with a Servo driven sealing system instead of an air pressure-driven system, thus providing high sealing pressure. This sealing pressure is vital for various packaging materials, especially for paper.
This makes our hybrid extra suitable for processing sealable paper. We have published a white paper on different types of paper packaging; You can download the white paper here.
JASA has developed a unique sealing system for paper packaging that guarantees a perfect seal, even if there are creases in the packaging.
Because the sealing system can be quickly changed, you can easily clean and maintain the machine. In addition, the maintenance costs are lower than any other machine.
When switching to another packaging material, switching to a different sealing system is possible within minutes.

Change sealing system within five minutes

A unique feature of the Servo sealing system is that you can switch from one sealing system to another within five minutes. For this reason, many of our customers keep an additional sealing system on the shelf.
You don't have to work on a boiling hot machine when you need to change your cutting blade. You can exchange the sealing system directly, which means that the packaging process does not come to a halt. When you change the system, the packaging machine will automatically detect the contents and switch over to the correct software settings.
It is also possible to easily change packaging volume, type, and material, switch from a 0.5 kg pillowbag to a 5 kg pillowbag, from paper to plastic, or from a pillowbag to a doypack. The flexibility of the hybrid packaging machine enables you to respond immediately to changing trends and switch quickly between packaging processes.

What can be packaged on the hybrid

The hybrid packaging machine is suitable for processing all types of paper and other materials such as plastic. All products, packaging sizes, and weights can be processed on the hybrid, a 5 kg bag of potatoes, a 1 kg bag of frozen chicken nuggets, 250 grams of tomatoes, or a 150-gram bag of leafy greens; all of these can be processed on our hybrid.

Are you interested in JASA's hybrid packaging machine or our other packaging solutions? Then please get in touch with us, we are happy to answer all your questions.


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