Fruit verpakken

Delicious and healthy: JASA is a fruit packaging expert

Tropical mango diced, in the sunshine, a healthy fruit salad in the garden, or an apple for a rainy day. All as healthy as delicious, and perfectly fitting in with these long days and sultry nights. What else do these fruits have in common? They are all packed on JASA’s packaging machines.

Fruit verpakken

Healthy made easy

We all enjoy healthy foods, but we also enjoy easy. That is the reason why supermarket shelves nowadays lay filled with bags and trays of portioned fruits; sliced apple, diced mango, trays with mixed fruits and shakers filled with blueberries and cherry-tomatoes. Especially during the summer, pre-packed fruits in bags and trays are in popular demand by consumers. Pre-packed fruits ensure the customer to have a delicious and healthy snack at hand at all times. To help packaging companies meet this trend, JASA supplies complete packaging-lines for processed and unprocessed fruits.

Fruit verpakkingen

Packaging processed fruits

Snacking an apple on the go without the hassle of having to peel it, munching away a healthy fruit mix on the job, or a delicious blueberry smoothie bowl in the morning. Today’s consumer expects easy-to-open food packaging, a trend that perfectly combines with; smaller ready-to-eat packaging. JASA is the choice expert in this field, we have packaging solutions for all (processed) fruits. We offer shakers, triangle scales, buckets, and Doypacks in a variety of sizes. Whatever your needs, JASA has a fitting solution for packaging all sorts and kinds of fruits.

JASA’s fruit packaging machines

All these healthy products are accurately weighed and packaged by JASA’s packaging machines, ensuring the customer is served with a conveniently healthy product. JASA’s packaging lines without difficulty allow the integration of a JASA Sleever to, for instance, pack kiwis on trays, or a vertical JASA machine suitable for packaging sliced apples and other mixed fruits into pouches. Product groups of unprocessed fruits like apples and kiwis can be elegantly packed on the JASA Sleever. Nowadays, the Sleever is even more flexible thanks to one of JASA's innovations: the Flex-Cassette. Natural produce comes in various sizes, a specific cassette would be needed for the different sizes and quantities of each package. To prevent a proliferation of cassettes, the Flex-Cassette was designed. Because of this, sustainable sleeves can easily be wrapped around the trays or bowls. The sleeves are very suitable to make the product stand out on the shelf, and are thus a perfect marketing tool.

Packaging Fruit to prevent environmental impact

Current times demand sustainability, with it comes the trend to reduce food waste. We throw away way too much food, amounting to about 41 kilos per person per year, which has a significant impact on the environment. Think about; processing, packaging and transporting, all costing the necessary fossil fuels. In addition, food waste is responsible for 3.5% of the total annual emissions of greenhouse gases. Fruit also is a perishable commodity, making it even more essential to pack it properly to prevent waste. Therefore, regulations are laid down in the Sector Plan Sustainable Packaging. Are you exploring packaging options? JASA can offer you the right sustainable packaging solution!


Sustainable paper packaging

Healthy fruit in sustainable packaging, that's the way JASA likes it. JASA also considers it important to contribute to the reduction of plastic; hence we put extra focus on paper packaging. Paper is one of the most sustainable packaging materials: it is recyclable and renewable and has consistently scored the highest recycling rate in recent years. That's the reason why JASA offers paper packaging for various fruits. For example, juicy apples and fresh kiwis are suitable for packaging in a cardboard tray, with a beautiful sleeve around them, whereas we pack citrus in our sustainable Bag-2-Paper™.

Demand for packaged produce on the rise due to coronavirus

We live in extraordinary times, where everyone has to deal with the consequences of COVID-19 in one way or another. Because of the pandemic Sandra Pannekeet, JASA’s President in America notices an increased demand for packaged fruits and vegetables. For example, American supermarkets display large shelves of apples. You can handpick your apples, but you can also place them back. That doesn't fit in with the coronavirus era. Packaged produce is not only trending in the U.S, but Scandinavian countries are also experiencing an increased demand for plastic-wrapped soft fruits and other produce. With our years of experience in fruit packaging, JASA can help you pack your products. From kiwis to cherry tomatoes, let us put it in a (sustainable) jacket for you.

Would you like to know more about our packaging solutions? Please contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.


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