Duurzame boom

4 r’s of sustainability

Due to the growing awareness of the impact we have on the planet, companies and individuals ...
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In a Mediterranean mood: tapas on a plastic platter

Today's consumer is erudite and cosmopolitan, and no longer inclined to serve a potbelly-stove dinner, but ...
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JASA the expert on ready to eat packaging

Consumer’s eating habits are changing, stimulating the convenience food market to expand. Ready to eat packaging ...
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Biosüdtirol packs organic apples on a JASA sleever

In South Tirol, arguably the home of the organic apple, you can find Biosüdtirol organic and ...
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Fruit verpakken

Delicious and healthy: JASA is a fruit packaging expert

Tropical mango diced, in the sunshine, a healthy fruit salad in the garden, or an apple ...
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Technical and creative: Marleen is Creative Designer at JASA

It started out as a graduation internship, it ended up in a contract with JASA. As ...
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It’s party time again: JASA wins the bronze WordStar Sustainability Award!

JASA is fully committed to a sustainable world. One of the innovations showing that pledge is ...
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Sustainable packaging in the U.S.A

In 2018, Sandra Somford-Pannekeet and her family emigrated to the U.S., to start-up JASA’s American branch. ...
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Appel verpakkingen

JASA’s apple packaging

More and more companies in the produce industry require sustainable packaging. It is their way to ...
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Process improvements in the internal Service department

JASA is growing enormously, the internal service department employees are also relentlessly working on this. To ...
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