European Packaging Forum & Solpack 3.0

European Packaging Forum & SOLPACK 3.0

JASA went on a road trip. This time we traveled through Germany to attend two events: European Packaging Forum 2019 in Düsseldorf, and SOLPACK 3.0 in Hamburg. JASA enjoyed the interesting seminars, and had the pleasure to meet many international representatives. 

Plastic versus paper. It appears to be a never-ending debate. Both materials have beneficial qualities, and everyone has an opinion on the subject. This became clear at the European Packaging Forum Düsseldorf, that took place this year for the very first time. 

Reduce Reuse Recycle

European Packaging Forum

Knowledge is key. The goal of this event was to bring together the main partners in the European packaging industry, to form new ideas and strategies. Therefor, many visitors attended the forum in June 2019 in Düsseldorf in the hope of receiving advice and solutions for the packaging problem. Even though there was not a final solution to the problem yet, many ideas, possibilities and experiences were exchanged. Next to this, the attendees received interesting information during the seminars, for instance about recycling and new packagings. One thing in particular became clear: packaging-free is not always an option.

JASA at European Packaging Forum

JASA was represented by Denise Baths and Ruurd Schut at the Forum in Düsseldorf, where they displayed some of JASA’s products. They used the time between the seminars to walk around and meet the international representatives who attended the event. The Forum closed with a discussion between experts. This discussion fascinated Denise and Ruurd, since JASA works hard to innovate and to satisfy the markets demands, for instance with our  Bag-2-Paper™ and apple sleever, but we do not believe that plastic is the culprit. How plastic is being used is a problem. 



The day after the European Packaging Forum  Denise and Ruurd attended SOLPACK 3.0. It was another day of interesting seminars, for instance about the German packaging law and sustainable strategies. This time JASA did not only display products, but also gave a presentation. In a hall filled to the rafters Ruurd talked about JASA, and our innovative and recyclable Bag-2-Paper™. The large crowd responded enthusiastic, and after the presentation people were lining up to meet the representatives from JASA.

JASA is pleased that we attended these two wonderful events, and we are looking forward for the events to come. We hope to see you there!


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