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Sustainability is no longer a trend but the new norm. JASA also finds it essential to contribute to reducing plastic and focusses on using paper packaging. Strongly committed to innovation, JASA strives for product leadership. In paper packaging, JASA already attained a unique place in the market.

Paper-Vento®, Semoulin Packaging, cartoPaper. All types of paper packaging – with or without sealing – are suitable for processing with JASA’s vertical packaging machines. JASA already realized dozens of paper packaging projects and still has more on order.


Three awards for Bag-2-Paper packaging from JASA

Besides the mentioned packaging projects, JASA, in 2019, entered the market with a pure and fundamental innovation: the bag-2-paper™. Paper packaging directly from JASA’s vertical packaging machine without the need for sealing, free of any plastic or plastic coating. This sustainable packaging solution has already won three (!) awards: the Dutch NL Packaging Award 2019, the WorldStar Packaging Award 2020, and the WorldStar Sustainability Award 2020.

Fruit Logistica 2020


Sealing is abandoned; packing with Bag-2-Paper™ eliminates film sealing. Instead, it introduces a labelling technique. Next to sustainability, this method also considerably enhances the speed of packing. JASA machines are known for packaging with the speed of lighting. Yet, this is still not all; no need to seal means no need for heat, another sustainability feature, and one that directly translates into reduced operational costs. With all this considered, the Bag-2-Paper™ packaging solution is an absolute success.

Are you interested in Bag-2-Paper™? JASA is demonstrating the machine live from February 5 through 7 at Fruit Logistica, Berlin! The JASA team is looking forward to meeting you in hall 9 stand D14.

Read more about paper packaging over here.


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