In a Mediterranean mood: tapas on a plastic platter

Today's consumer is erudite and cosmopolitan, and no longer inclined to serve a potbelly-stove dinner, but instead brings an exotic dish to the dinner table. The same is true for cocktail hours; we love to make it unique and exciting. Today’s punters are offered many options. There is no longer the need to slice up an entire fuet, to be left with half of it going to waste, nowadays a platter of pre-sliced fuet ready-to-be served is available at your local supermarket. Practical and good for the environment at the same time! These pre-sliced sausages, like other small packaging, are packaged on one of JASA’s packaging machines.

Sustainable delight

Today’s consumers focus on a sustainable world. Half of the Dutch population observes the impact on the environment before they buy. For food products, even 60% of consumers consider the environment by purchasing sustainable products. Food waste became a hot topic as it is a massive burden on our planet. That is the reason why more and more packaging is available in different sizes, from family packaging to a single pack. However, as much as consumers are committed to a sustainable world, they must also keep pace with their busy lives. That's why producers are making it easier for consumers and now also came up with a solution for cocktail hour: tapas platters. This saves time in the preparation and prevents left-overs from ending up in the trash. Sustainable delight!

Shelves full of tapas

The 2020 consumer opts for sustainability and convenience, as well as they have acquired a new taste. The primeval Dutch meal has made way for other foods like Mediterranean delicacies. Children get olives at the nursery, adolescents eat hummus on rye, and paella is on the table for dinner. Shrimps with a dip and thinly sliced fuet sausages are served with drinks, instead of crackers and peanuts. In other words: food in the Netherlands has changed, as you can see on the shelves, which are full of stuffed dates, cheese cubes, and hummus. And those tapas dishes too can be processed on a JASA packaging line.

Packaging solutions for tapas

At JASA we don't sell products, we sell solutions. Solutions to pack meal salads, or tomatoes in pails or shakers. For all those different types of tapas you find in the supermarket -sometimes even combined with several products in the same tray- JASA offers the right packaging solution. How do you want the tapas packed? From round to oval platters, and from small to large, JASA packs tapas according to the customer's wishes.

Tomatoes and tapas

JASA already had a lot of experience filling bowls and pails, for example, with tomato packaging lines when we started packing tapas. We often face short-lasting packaging trends with tomatoes, such as shakers and pails, where the packaging machine has to be adjusted to different sizes. One moment the trend is tomatoes in shakers; three months later, the trend shifts to tomatoes in pails. And while they first come packaged per five hundred grams, after a while, they will be offered in one-kilo packaging. After each quarter, a new packaging trend leads. JASA developed a transport system to keep up with these changing trends. With this transport system, the user can automatically adjust the machine and easily change the nest head. This adaptability came in handy with the tapas lines.

To tapas or not to tapas

Flexibility is one thing, but there's more to tapas packaging. Marinated shrimp, bacon dates, and sun-dried tomatoes are all delicious as snacks, yet they are difficult to pack. They are often products in oil, which can stick to the machine. And the trays also require extra adjustments. There are tapas trays not containing one, but several products such as a tray with a compartment with shrimp and a compartment with the dip. At JASA, we get that done! Not every packaging company dares to take up that challenge. At JASA, we can do this due to our years of experience in weighing and combining various complicated products into smaller parts and weights.

Automation in the world of tapas

An additional advantage of the solutions offered by JASA is that the packaging lines are fully automated. Especially when packaging tapas, a process where different products have to be packed in various compartments, a lot of manual work was required. Until JASA came into the picture, we offer various proven solutions. JASA can supply your production line from A to Z, ensuring that all components fit and work well together. Some of the packaging line components are built by JASA, while other components are obtained from companies for which JASA has exclusive distribution rights, such as the weighers. JASA takes total care of the customer’s needs. Different trays, different ingredients, a preference for a specific weigher, or an integrated JASA Sleever. We ensure that the customer receives an excellent packaging solution, enabling the consumer to serve a delicious tapas and exotic drinks, in a single instant.


Are you interested in packaging tapas, or curious about our other packaging solutions? Please contact us, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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