Fruit Logistica 2020

Fruit Logistica 2020

As you are used from us you can also find us at Fruit Logistica 2020 in Berlin. Fruit Logistica will take place from wednesday the 5th of February untill friday the 7th of February 2020. The complete salesteam of JASA will be ready to welcome you in hall number 9, booth D14 to answer all your packaging questions.

We will demonstrate our award winning Bag-2-Paper™ packaging for packing potatoes and onions and three JASA Sleevers to pack your apples, tomatoes and kiwis in a paper tray with sleeve, so they are 100% suitable for recycling.

Fruit Logistica 2020


Here at JASA, we deem innovation highly important. That is why we have developed a revolutionary new technology for our vertical packaging machines: Bag-2-Paper™! And the best thing? It's 100% paper*, without plastic coating, the packages can be closed without sealing, and it’s 100% suitable for recycling. This makes Bag-2-Paper™ a revolution for sustainable packaging.

Our innovative vertical packaging machine Bag-2-Paper™ can be used to sustainably pack your dry products such as potatoes, onions, garlic, shallots, nuts and seeds, and flower bulbs. Thanks to the vertical way of packing, your products are packed incredibly fast.

The crowning glory of our hard work was winning the NL Packaging Awards 2019, at the 16th of May 2019, with our Bag-2-Paper™ in the category Innovation Technique. The jury chairman commented on the Bag-2-Paper™: “The decisive factor is the developed technology that leads to a new packaging concept. The principle of foil sealing has been abandoned and an adhesive system has been used as an alternative. Another strong point is flexibility. JASA is a justified winner since this is an innovation on a packaging machine that is decades old.” What an honor!

JASA Sleever

The state of the art Sleever is the perfect all-round solution for all your trays. Introduced in 2018, the Sleever was developed on the basis of the user’s wishes and demands: the Sleever processes up to 100 trays per minute, has a very short changeover time of less than five minutes, hygienic design and is very easy to operate. The Sleever is a compact plug-and-play machine and can be added to every packaging line.

JASA continues to innovate. We saw an increased demand for sustainable and recyclable packages. That’s why we developed a revolutionary new technology which is able to pack apples, other fruit, vegetable, and potato products in trays in a way that is 100% suitable for recycling. The sleeves are made out of 100% cardboard* which is able to be recyclable and in most situations usable with your existing trays. The sleeve will replace the film that is currently used to pack apples, kiwis and tomatoes for example. On top of that, the apples and other fruits are packed fast with the JASA Sleever. Making this the solution for tray packages that are 100% suitable for recycling.

Fruit Logistica 2020

See you at Fruit Logistica 2020!

You are more than welcome to visit us at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, hall number 9. No time to visit Fruit Logistica, but you are interested in our packaging solutions? Contact our sales department, they can inform you about the packaging possibilities for your product(s).

Read more about exhibitions over here.

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