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Even a JASA packaging machine or packaging line can only operate to its full potential with regular maintenance and upgrades.

JASA’s customer service team strives to improve the performance of your packaging lines. We achieve this through well trained and pro-active and expert distributors. We provide not only preventative maintenance but also includes technical audits, recommended spare part kits, modernization and training your employees.

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    Preventive service

    Give your packaging machine a health check, improve performance and minimalize downtime

    JASA offers a preventive maintenance contract to keep up the quality of your packaging machine or line. That way you’re always ensured that your machines are running with perfect performance and minimal downtime.

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    Strategic maintenance

    Get the maximum out of your packaging line

    Improve the reliability and profitability of your production with strategic maintenance. JASA offers maintenance advice tailormade for your situation to improve the effectiveness of your packaging line. Our service engineers are there to help you.

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    More than 10% more productivity with trained operators

    Your operator plays an extensive role in the effectiveness of your machines. Their knowledge and expertise largely determine the performance of your machines. As the specialist for vertical packaging solutions, we possess unique knowledge. With the help of our experienced mechanics, we would love to pass this on to your employees.

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    Modernization and upgrade

    Modernization for maximum output

    JASA can upgrade your current packaging machine or packaging line with the newest techniques. You will improve the performance, output, and efficiency of your machines. JASA can also add new vertical packaging solutions to your current machine without requiring large investments. Our engineers love to support you with upgrading your current packaging line. Upgrading increases the lifespan, the sustainability, the profits and the ROI of your machines.

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    Spare Parts

    Always have spare parts on hand, never miss production time

    The best choice: JASA spare parts. You can order spare parts via email or the phone. Or you can let the service department prepare a “first aid kit” for your machinery. Our engineers love to support you in creating the perfect spare part kit for your machines.

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    24/7 Helpdesk

    Always available, minimalizing downtime

    Our service department is 24/7 available for you in case of downtime, faults, and calamities. With regular downtime, JASAs helpdesk will first help you to get up and running again via the phone. If they don't succeed, our service team will assist you onsite.

About us

JASA Packaging Solutions stands for innovation, quality and flexible packaging machines. We are your specialist partner in the development of vertical packaging machines, Sleevers, and complete weighing and packaging lines.

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