Since JASA was founded 35 years ago, we have been experts in manufacturing complete weighing and packaging lines for the FVP sector. Whether it's a semi-automatic line or the fully automatic weighing of dry or freshly cut fruit and vegetables, or a packaging line for meal salads or even tapas lines, you'll find your innovative total solution at JASA.

JASA likes to be involved in the design of your packaging system at an early stage. Depending on your requirements, we ensure that your processed or unprocessed product is packed in the foil or paper packaging of your choice, and for example, in a tray, bowl, or cup.

As the system integrator, JASA takes control of the implementation of the entire weighing and packaging production lines for you. Important machines, such as vertical packaging machines, are developed by JASA in house. JASA has exclusive distribution rights in the Netherlands for linear and carousel weighing machines, including the Newtec and Multiweigh brands. In addition, JASA determines, often in consultation with the customer, which machines are best suitable for their plant to be integrated into a weighing and packaging line and contribute to an efficient production process with good OEE values. Think of: automatic filling stations, ergonomic workstations, lidder machines, top sealers, packaging robots, and de-nesters, and also modular branch conveyors, platforms, and conveyors.

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We can also integrate our state-of-the-art Sleever into your packaging line, the perfect all-round solution for all your trays. The Sleever processes up to a hundred trays per minute and features a short changeover time of less than five minutes, a hygienic design, and is easy to operate. The Sleever is a compact plug-and-play machine and fits into almost every packaging line.

How we will realize your complete packaging line: First, we assess whether we can add machines and equipment into your existing production line or should build an entirely new line. We also evaluate whether we need to design a completely new concept or can suffice with extending the current production line. In case you have a complex situation at hand, we will assign additional project leaders and technicians to the project. When the outline is set, your project will be handled and controlled by one project leader and a team of specialists who will take full ownership of the project. Your entire production line will first be set-up and tested inhouse at the JASA plant. Once the line is operational, you will be invited to our factory to perform the acceptance tests together with our specialists. After you have agreed, the production line will be installed at your factory. After the line is installed, at your location, we test it again. At this time, we will also ensure the machines will be operated correctly by your operators. Your maintenance crew, the chief operator, and operators will be duly trained and instructed on how to keep the machines running smoothly for a long time.

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JASA Packaging Solutions stands for innovation, quality and flexible packaging machines. We are your specialist partner in the development of vertical packaging machines, Sleevers, and complete weighing and packaging lines.

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