100% paper* and incredibly fast


Here at JASA, we deem innovation highly important. That is why we have developed a revolutionary new technology for our vertical packaging machines: Bag-2-Paper™! And the best thing? It's 100% paper*, without plastic coating, the packages can be closed without sealing, and it’s 100% suitable for recycling. This makes Bag-2-Paper™ a revolution for sustainable packaging.

Our innovative vertical packaging machine Bag-2-Paper™ can be used to sustainably pack your dry products such as potatoes, onions, garlic, shallots, nuts and seeds, and flower bulbs. Thanks to the vertical way of packing, your products are packed incredibly fast.

Icon USP Bag-2-Paper - 100% papier (1)


Icon USP Bag-2-Paper 100% recyclebaar

100% suitable
for recycling

Icon USP Bag-2-Paper sluiten zonder sealen

Closed without sealing

Icon USP Bag-2-Paper - razendsnel verpakt


Traditional paper packages generally have a plastic coating on the inside which makes them unfit to recycle. On top of that, sealing these packages is a slow process that not only takes a lot of time but requires a lot of energy too. JASA does this differently with Bag-2-Paper™: 100% paper*, no plastic coating, and closing without sealing.

Thanks to the vertical packaging technology, Bag-2-Paper™ keeps the speed you are used to. Because there is no heat applied to seal the packages, the Bag-2-Paper™ machines are energy-efficient. This is not only good for the environmental impact, but you will see a decrease in energy costs as well.

The new Bag-2-Paper™ vertical packaging machine can be used with pillow, gusseted, and doy-style bags. With an easy changeover, you can also use the machine with your traditional plastic packages.