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About us

JASA Packaging Solutions stands for innovation, quality and flexible packaging machines. We are your specialist partner in the development of vertical packaging machines, Sleevers, and complete weighing and packaging lines. For the past 35 years, producers and packaging specialists worldwide trust our expertise.

JASA is a fast-growing family business with an enthusiastic team of more than 75 employees. They get energized on a daily basis creating the best packaging solution for you. We build our packaging machines for you and are constantly in dialogue with our customers to improve and develop our machines. With locations in the Netherlands and the USA, JASA is a world-class company.


JASA strives to develop superior and innovative packaging solutions. Through collaboration with our customers, JASA keeps innovating to ensure that you always have the newest innovations working for you. JASA strives to be the ‘Champions League player’ in the packaging industry. Out of the box thinking runs in our blood and ensures that JASA is the frontrunner when it comes to innovations and smart packaging solutions.


In collaboration with our customers, JASA is always looking to improve processes around productivity and safety. Faster changeover times, simple operating system, faster capacity, energy efficient and easy maintenance - are all elements JASA deems highly important. JASA strives to make our machines compliant with the worldwide legislation surrounding safety and hygiene.


JASA strives to be the market leader in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA and worldwide coverage through an elaborate dealer network. To achieve this, we inspire our employees to love our customers and work hard to achieve customer happiness. Our standards every JASA employee must embrace: involved, solution focused, proactive and innovative.


JASA was founded by Piet Pannekeet in 1985 as Pannekeet Machine Techniek (PMT). PMT focused on servicing processing and packaging machines in the fruit and vegetable industry. After a few successful years servicing and supplying weighing and packaging machines, PMT started developing machines in 1987. From 2005 onwards PMT operates internationally under the name JASA and specializes in weighing and packaging machines for fresh produce. JASA’s machines are used worldwide: from Denmark to the United Kingdom and from Italy to New Sealand.

A family company

JASA is a fast-growing family business with an enthusiastic team of more than 75 employees. Piet Pannekeet was born and raised in a passionate, entrepreneurial family and created a direct and open company culture within JASA. The name JASA reflects the family company culture and is derived from the names of Piet Pannekeet’s children: Jarno and Sandra.