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About JASA

JASA Packaging Solutions stands for innovation, quality, and flexibility in packaging technology. We are specialists in developing and building your vertical packaging machines, Sleevers, and complete weighing and packaging lines. Worldwide, food producers and packaging companies have relied on our expertise for over 35 years.

JASA is a rapidly growing family business with an enthusiastic team of 75 professionals who get their daily energy from creating the best packaging solution for your business. Our focus is always on the customer. JASA works closely with its customers on development and innovation. JASA is a global company with offices in the Netherlands and the USA.


JASA is committed to developing superior and innovative packaging solutions. Through close collaboration with our customers, JASA always continues to innovate. This ensures that you always have the latest innovations in place. JASA wants to be a 'Champions League Player' in packaging machines. Outside-of-the-box thinking is second nature to JASA and results in innovations and smart packaging solutions that are way ahead of the industry.


JASA, in consultation with its customers, is constantly looking for process improvements that contribute to the productivity and safety of packaging lines. Faster changeover times, easy operating, faster throughput, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain. All aspects that JASA considers to be of vital importance. In addition, JASA endeavors to be compliant with global safety and hygiene legislation.


JASA pursues market leadership in the Netherlands and the USA while offering worldwide network coverage through our extensive dealer network. To achieve this goal, we make sure that our colleagues love our customers and will do everything in their power to ensure customer satisfaction. Our team values are; commitment, solution-oriented, proactive and innovative.

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JASA was founded in 1985 by Piet Pannekeet as Pannekeet Machine Techniek (PMT). PMT's main activity was maintaining processing and packaging machines in the fruit and vegetable industry. After several successful years as a service organization and supplier of weighing and packaging machines, PMT started to develop, building its own machines for various applications. Since 2005 PMT has been operating under the name JASA Packaging Solutions and has developed into an international specialist in the field of weighing and packaging. The JASA packaging machines and sleevers are used worldwide: from Denmark to South Africa and from Italy to New Zealand.

A family business

JASA is a rapidly growing family business with an enthusiastic team of 75 people. Originating from a family full of passionate entrepreneurs, a straightforward and open company culture has been established. The name JASA reflects the family ties and is derived from the names of Piet Pannekeet's children: Jarno and Sandra.

About us

JASA Packaging Solutions stands for innovation, quality and flexible packaging machines. We are your specialist partner in the development of vertical packaging machines, Sleevers, and complete weighing and packaging lines.

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