De nuttige eigenschappen van plastic

The useful properties of plastic: plastic, WHY?!

Over the last decade people’s opinion of plastic has changed drastically. Plastic is pure evil, so to say. Packagings are superfluous and they pollute our planet and oceans. Plastic lasts forever. But actually, things are a bit more nuanced than that. Susan Hansen, Global Strategist Food & Agribusiness Supply Chains at Rabobank, explains her point of view on this subject in an interview with the website duurzaambedrijfsleven. She points out problems as well as solutions of plastic. By investing in the infrastructure of recycling, and more cooperation during the recycle process, the footprint of plastic on this earth can be reduced. As a matter of fact, because of the negative image of plastic packagings, we’ve almost forgotten about the useful and sustainable advantages of plastic, yet those should not be ignored. At JASA, we share this point of view.

plastic soep

Useful properties of plastic:

1. Plastic is airtight. This conserves foods and extends the shelf life of products. Food waste is damaging for the environment, and by using plastic we make it less burdensome;
2. Plastic is light. Therefore, not nearly as much fuel is used during transportation as is used during the transportation of glass or tin;
3. Plastic can be sterilized, which makes it possible to pack food or cosmetics antiseptic as well as disinfected;
4. Plastic is not poisonous, which makes it suited to pack products for (human) consumption;
5. Plastic is a very strong material. Because of this, you can use it for just about anything. Which is the downside of plastic as well, biodegrading takes a long time…;
6. Plastic is biodegradable and recyclable, although that process is in the early stages. Once the collaboration between manufacturer, user and re-user has improved, plastic recycling will be more efficient.

De nuttige eigenschappen van plastic

Why plastic?

Those were all answers to the question ‘plastic WHY?!’ JASA is aware of the problems of plastic, but also recognizes the usefulness properties of the material. Nevertheless, we are innovating in a way that makes it possible to remove plastic from certain product lines, and replace them with other materials. For instance our award winning Bag-2-Paper™ wrapping.


Recycle the useful qualities of plastic!

Next to this, we follow the recycle trends closely and are open to new partnerships. We also keep a close eye on what is happening in the recycle chain. After all, it would be a waste not to take advantage of the useful properties of plastic, just because the material was used once before. Have you read our article about upcycling plastic? In the article we elaborate on new initiatives in the field of recycling. Plastic recycling is still in the early stages. There is a lot more to discover. JASA is exploring new possibilities as well. We visited the Household Waste Plant in Alkmaar, to get a better understanding of the recycling process. This expedition gave us new insights, and with experiences like these we stay inspired to keep innovating!


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