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Sustainable packaging with Bag-2-Paper™

Developing a new and innovative solution!

Sustainable packaging in a new and innovative way. That was the goal when JASA started out developing Bag-2-Paper™. “So far paper packaging always had a plastic coating on the inside. With Bag-2-Paper™ we will move away from that”, says Hendrik van den Berg, R&D director at JASA. Removing the plastic coating on the inside is a revolution in the field of sustainable packaging.

duurzaam verpakken JASA's Bag-2-Paper™

Sustainable packaging with paper

“Since traditional paper packaging and plastic packages are closed through sealing, we always think in terms of sealing our packaging,” says Hendrik. “However, paper isolates, so it requires a lot of energy in the form of heat to seal that type of coating and more energy to cool it down again.”

Yet, everyone is still looking for a sustainable sealable solution. “Paper itself is a porous material, which means, air runs through it. Some packaging solutions can handle a little bit of moist, but not too much. However, with our current concept, we can look for biodegradable coatings that make it possible to create paper packages that take wet produce or seal airtight.”

Before JASA decided on the current way to close the Bag-2-Paper™ packaging, several ideas were explored. “We thought about hot-melt,” Hendrik says. “But that too needs to be heated and then cooled down again. Also, it is difficult to use and comply with food safety regulations. We compared all the different methods of closing until we settled on the one we’re using now. However, the eureka-moment still came to me late at night when I couldn’t sleep”, Hendrik laughs.

Because the packages aren’t sealed, it’s possible to pack produce incredibly fast with the Bag-2-Paper™ machines. This new form of sustainable packaging uses labels with a food-safe adhesive to close the packages at high speed. The label is attached on the holes before it’s folded and closed around the filling tube. A unique closing mechanism presses the paper and the label together before it’s cut off.

duurzaam verpakken JASA's Bag-2-Paper™

Vertical packaging: sustainable packing

The new Bag-2-Paper™ packaging is 100% suitable for recycling and can be recycled along with other papers. This is good for the circular economy. On top of that, because there’s no plastic used, there’s also less plastic thrown away. Which is good for the environment and the social discussion surrounding plastic soup.

Since Bag-2-Paper™ uses vertical packaging technology, the products are packed at high speed. And, because there is no heat used to close the packages, the Bag-2-Paper™ machines are also very energy-efficient.

Currently, the Bag-2-Paper™ machines can be used to pack unprocessed potatoes, onions, garlic, shallots, nuts, and bulbs. However, when it comes to sustainable packaging, this is only the beginning for JASA.

Read more about paper packaging over here.

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