JASA is committed to sustainable packaging with paper

Due to the increasing demand for sustainable packaging and plastic reduction, JASA evolved into a full-fledged expert in paper packaging. JASA offers different types of paper packaging for potatoes, vegetables, and fruits.


Rising demand for paper packaging

Worldwide the demand for paper and paperboard packaging material is growing. The rising demand for paper stems from the trend toward sustainability. In recent years, sustainability has become increasingly important, and this trend is not going to curb for quite some time.

Consumers are using less and less plastic. Consumers, therefore, pay attention to the packaging material when choosing a product in the supermarket. Results of a new European survey show that consumers prefer paperboard and paper packaging [2].

Sustainable packaging with paper

Paper is one of the most sustainable packaging materials: it is recyclable, renewable, and boasts the highest recycling rate in recent years. Paper breaks down faster than foliage, so even if it ends up as litter, it is biodegradable.

Paper is suitable for different packaging shapes and sizes and can be used to package various products.

Fresh apples and summertime kiwis are suitable for packaging in a cardboard tray, with an attractive sleeve around it. Bag packaging can also be made from paper, such as the sustainable Bag-2-Paper™, which for example, can be used to pack citrus or potatoes.


Paper packaging facts

45% of paper in the Netherlands is used as packaging material. Paper packaging is also increasingly used for food.

A few facts about paper packaging:

  • 62% of consumers prefer paper and cardboard packaging because paper and corrugated cardboard are better for the environment compared to glass, metal, and plastic packaging materials [3]
  • 44% of consumers are willing to spend more money on products if these are packaged in sustainable materials [3]
  • Only 30% of respondents believe that the European recycling rate of paper and cardboard is over 60%. With an actual recycling rate of 85%, this fact is seriously underestimated [3].
  • 90% of paper and cardboard is collected and reused
  • In America, too, the popularity of paper packaging is on the rise.

What options are there for packaging in paper

With the increasing demand for paper packaging, the range of packaging paper types is now also diverse. Which options are suitable depends on the product and the customer's requirements.

In general, to pack vertically in paper, for example, on the JASA Continuous Machine or JASA's Hybrid, the packaging must contain sealable material. For instance, using a coating or laminate. There are four options:

  • laminated paper
  • paper with a full coating
  • paper with a partial coating
  • no coating

Paper packaging can also be processed horizontally, for example, using a JASA Sleeve for hard fruit.


Which paper packaging are available on the market?

Several companies have responded to the growing demand for paper packaging, resulting in a large and diverse supply on the market. here you have a selection of the available products:

  • Semoulin Packaging
  • Paper-Vento®
  • cartoPaper
  • Bag-2-Paper™
  • SQ paper
  • Mr. Paper

All paper packaging -with and without sealing- available on the market can be excellently processed on JASA's packaging machines.

JASA's pride: the Bag-2-Paper™

JASA offers different types of paper packaging for potatoes, vegetables, and fruit. To make a significant contribution to reducing plastic, JASA has evolved into a full-fledged expert in the field of paper packaging.

Today, JASA is the market leader and product leader in paper packaging. In 2019, JASA came up with a true innovation: the Bag-2-Paper™. Because the new Bag-2-Paper™ packaging matches the recycling stream, the packaging is 100%* suitable for recycling. Not surprisingly, this revolutionary packaging has already won three awards!

Flexible packaging in paper

With the focus on paper packaging, JASA made it possible to package flexibly in paper as well. We accomplished this through a revolutionary solution: the Flex-Cassette.

Thanks to this development, only one cassette is needed for four, six, and eight apples in various sizes. It is easy to change between different sized trays; changing the cassette can be done without tools and technicians. Biosüdtirol, among others, is particularly enthusiastic about the use of the Flex-Cassette.

Independent advice

JASA Packaging Solutions: market leader and product leader in the field of paper packaging. Because we can process all of the above packaging on our packaging lines, we can provide independent advice on the best option for your product.

To give our customers more insight into paper packaging, we have published a white paper on the subject. You can download it here.

Are you interested in JASA's packaging solutions? Then don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we are happy to answer all your questions.


[1] https://papierenkarton.nl/cijfers-feiten/omzet-en-afzet/
[2] https://www.twosides.info/documents/research/2020/packaging/European-Packaging-Preferences-2020_EN.pdf
[3] https://www.ebc-golfkarton.nl/kartonnen-verpakkingen-krijgen-de-voorkeur-van-consumenten/


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