Complete packing lines to pack carrots

From normal carrots to winter carrots to rainbow carrots: JASA has a packaging solution for every carrot. JASA can help you pack carrots fast and efficiently. Ensuring you’re on top of your game when the carrot season starts in September.


Packing carrots

Before the carrots enter the packaging line, they are first brushed and washed. “After that, they are sorted by size and length. The misshaped carrots are removed”, Piet Pannekeet, explains. Using an optical sorting machine, such as the Newtec optic sorting machine, the carrots are sorted by size and quality. The bright orange ones are the high-quality carrots and packed accordingly. While broken, misshaped carrots and the carrots with black or rotten spots are removed and are destined to be cattle food.

Next, the good carrots are either packed right away, or they are temporarily stored before they are packed. “The carrots are stored in a buffer system, from which they are packed in several types of packaging,” Piet explains. “Most packages range from 500 grams to 3 kilos and sometimes even 10 to 20 kilos for the export.”


Packaging carrots and reducing plastic

Traditionally carrots are packed in several types of bags or a plastic tray closed with a flow pack or foil material. Vertical packaging in a bag with a clip is also one of the possibilities. “We noticed a shift in Scandinavia and Southern Europe towards packing carrots only in plastic bags instead of adding a tray,” Piet says. “Because the carrots are vertically packed in a plastic bag, a lot less plastic is used. This also makes it possible to use thinner foils, and there is only one type of plastic used which makes it easier to recycle.”

A packaging line for carrots processes 20-80 packages per minute depending on the wishes and demands of the customer. The carrot season starts in September, if you get in touch with our sales team now, we can inform you about the possibilities for your products. That way you can ensure that you have a new state-of-the-art packaging line by the time the harvest season starts. Get in touch with our sales team; they are happy to inform you about all the options.


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