VFFS machine duurzame verpakking

Lightning-fast and versatile; the VFFS machine

JASA’s history in cutting vegetables dates back decennia long. The grandfather of our Managing Director, Piet Pannekeet, makes a living as a greengrocer and, at a certain point in time, starts to sell his products door to door. That proves very successful and leads to the opening of a supermarket in 1955. As produce is left on the shelves every day, Piet's grandfather decides to cut the groceries. That, too, proved to be a success, and Piet's grandfather starts a vegetable cutting business with two partners.

Cutting vegetables seems to be in the DNA of the Pannekeet family. At a very young age, Piet Pannekeet day and night can be found in the cutting plant. Here is where his heart belongs, the technical division. It does not take Piet long before he starts modifying and altering the cutting machines. And that's how it began…             

Many years later, based on Piet's knowledge, JASA introduces the JASA-VFFS machine. A vertical packaging machine transformed into an adaptable piece of art drenched with innovation. Packing? Well, sliced vegetables for one!

What is a VFFS machine?

Food, non-food, conservable or day-fresh: nearly all of these products are packaged, each product different, and needing its specific packaging solution. Preferably a JASA machine, capable of automating the process and which can be integrated with your production-line. In short, the JASA-VFFS, this machine can package at high speeds, is easy to adjust and friendly to use.

The VFFS is a vertical packaging machine. VFFS stands for: Vertical Form Fill Seal. In the Netherlands, this machine is also known under the name VVVS: Verticale Vorm- Vul- en Sluitmachine. A packaging system in which products are packed vertically (hence the name). A vertical packaging machine can handle various packaging-types: pillow bags to Doypacks, which can be sealed with various foils. The machine is suitable for the packaging of a variety of products, from frozen fruits to sliced onions and even deep-frozen chicken nuggets.



What is so amazing about the JASA-VFFS? Well, what’s not?! The machine is made from stainless-steel, preventing it from corroding and making it suitable for an extensive range of products. On top of this, the machine is amazingly versatile. The JASA-VFFS allows swift and easy changes in packaging volume and type. For instance, a pillow bag of 0.5 kg can be adjusted to a pillow of 1.5 kilograms in no time. On top of that, the packaging type can be changed. If that is not enough, the JASA-VFFS can be integrated with your weighing system. All this while the machine is extremely user-friendly!

JASA's most significant innovation to the VFFS machine? Our Bag-2-Paper™. The innovation that won the 2019 packaging award! This plastic-free packaging solution does not seal the bag; instead, the bag is closed by the label, making it suitable for recycling. With this, the Bag-2-Paper™ is: sustainable, innovative, and adaptable.

How does a VFFS machine work?

The product that you need to be packed comes in portions to the packaging company. The packing material is shaped into a packaging over the shoulder of the machine. The product falls through the filler-tube into the packaging. Next, the horizontal closing system seals the bottom of the packaging material, while the product falls into the packaging, right at that moment, the machine seals the top of the previous package. This way, the packaging process is fast, versatile, and secure! Especially for products that damage easily, the machine has fall-breakers installed, you can trust your product to be handled with care!

The packaging process of the VFFS machine;

  1. A weighing installation ensures the required portion is placed into the feeder of the machine.
  2. The packaging machine shapes the flat packaging material into a round tube.
  3. The product is dropped into the tube and is stopped by the sealing system.
  4. The sealing system seals the tube, leaving the top from the next cell open for the following portion.

The portion of the product leaves the machine shaped, filled, and sealed. The VFFS machine allows the handling of various packaging systems. We are thus ensuring that your packaging demands can be met.

What to pack in a VFFS machine?

About 75 years ago, Piet's father started to cut vegetables; with so many years of experience in this field, JASA's strength is still in the vegetable and fruit market. Sliced onions, tomatoes, potatoes, dried vegetables, frozen fruits, and lots more. Our JASA-VFFS packs all these products. The dropping height into the packaging tube on the VFFS machine is chancy for some products, yet, leave it to JASA to find a solution for any particular product. Besides these products, numerous products can be packaged without any difficulty, like frozen chicken nuggets. There are plenty of possibilities!

Why choose for a VFFS-machine?

We cannot emphasize the speed of the VFFS-machine enough; the machine is capable of high speed and high-volume production. However, there are more advantages. The small footprint of the machine, due to vertical packing, saves valuable floor area. The machine is versatile and user-friendly; the machine can be tailored to the required packaging type, weight, and size. The machine's versatility is one of the reasons why you will find this machine in most packaging businesses.

VFFS machine duurzame verpakking

Is sustainable packing possible with a VFFS-machine?

Often the packaging foil, to form the bag, is made of plastic. Plastic is the most commonly used product in the food-packaging industry. However, the past few years have seen a decline in the use of plastic caused by, among others, reports about the plastic soup in our oceans.

Fortunately, JASA has a solution for this: The Bag-2-Paper™, using paper only. One of the main advantages of VFFS-machine technology is its ability to use paper as packaging material. Even with paper, the machine can maintain its high speeds. Another sustainable packaging solution by JASA is the JASA sleever. Again, a revolutionary technology, capable of packaging a variety of products in trays that are 100% suitable to recycle.

JASA and the VFFS-machine

Sustainable solutions, less plastic, and less environmental pollution. Being environmentally conscious is not just a trend; it is the new standard in the packaging industry, another aspect of the business in which JASA has gained much experience. At JASA, we made it our priority to listen to our customer's demands and wishes. In today's automated world, speed is of the essence, an issue that is addressed by most of our customers. The JASA-VFFS delivers the answer. Fast, sustainable, and innovative packaging, just the way we like it!

Are you interested in packaging with the JASA-VFFS? Would you like to know what JASA can do for you? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We will answer any of your packaging questions.


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