JASA levert complete verpakkingslijnen voor het verpakken van bewerkt en onbewerkt fruit

JASA supplies your complete packaging line for packing fruit

Healthy and convenient snacks

Convenience is a trend that is here to stay. Everyone is changing their diet to a healthier one. At the same time, we want to keep it as easy as possible. That is why bags and trays with portions of fruit are still gaining popularity. To help packaging professionals to keep up with this trend, JASA supplies complete packaging lines for packing fruit, both processed and unprocessed.

JASA levert complete verpakkingslijnen voor het verpakken van bewerkt en onbewerkt fruit
JASA levert complete verpakkingslijnen voor het verpakken van bewerkt en onbewerkt fruit

JASA's complete packaging lines

Packaged fruit has become a standard in supermarkets. In almost every supermarket you will see bags of apple slices next to trays of mango and mixed fruit trays. You’ll also see blueberries and cherry tomatoes in shakers, making it easy for the consumer to grab a quick healthy snack. All these fresh products need to be weighed precisely on a weighing machine and packed in such a manner that it is easy for the consumer. JASA’s complete production lines will take care of all these aspects and on top of that, it has different methods of weighing.

The complete packaging lines from JASA consist of several weighers that can weigh both single and mixed fruit. The mixed fruit weighing machines weigh each kind of fruit separately before adding them together. The last weighing machine will weigh the complete mix of fresh produce to make sure it has the right weight. This way you know that each mix contains the same mix of fruit.

JASA can make these complete production lines for every specific situation. JASA can brainstorm with you to create the perfect custom solution, taking care of all your needs. JASA is also able to help with the in- and outfeed of your products and all the other aspects surrounding fruit packaging. Bags, shakers, and trays of packed fruit in the Dutch supermarkets are predominantly packed on JASA machines.

Get your packaging ready before summer 2019

The pre-packed bags and trays are really popular amongst consumers during the summer. It’s ideal to grab a fresh piece of fruit on the go without having to go through the trouble of peeling or cutting. The summer of 2019 is the moment to embrace this trend for fruit packaging companies. The complex and complete production lines take about 16 weeks to be delivered to a location of your choosing. So this is the time to contact our sales department and make sure that you are operational during the summer!

Call +31(0)72 561 2700 or email us at info@jasa.nl for more information.

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