Apples sleeve

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With years of experience in packaging, JASA developed sustainable packaging solutions for apples and pears. With our recyclable packaging solutions, your hard fruits are packed fast and flexibly.

Apples sleeve

De JASA Sleever: sheer innovation

A growing number of companies in the produce industry require sustainable packaging. JASA noticed that packaging companies still pack their apples in plastic, which no longer fits today's sustainability efforts. That's why JASA already back in 2018 introduced the JASA Sleever for apple packaging. The JASA Sleever makes it possible to pack apples, pears, and other produce sustainably, plastic-free, and at high speed. Truly Innovative about the JASA Sleeves is that no glue is used throughout the process; making the JASA Sleever extremely fast and capable of processing up to 80 packs per minute! Are you curious about which options JASA has available for your hard fruit packaging? Please contact one of our sales representatives!

Eco-friendly marketing sleeve for hard fruits

The packaging sleeves for hard fruits are made of 100% cardboard* and, as such, are 100% suitable for recycling. The sleeves can be attached to the tray by a label, keeping the sleeve securely in place. The cardboard sleeve allows the apples and pears to remain visible while still leaving plenty of space for advertising on the covering. The sleeve is particularly suitable for a packaging design that fits your product with ample space for logos, recipes, or a compelling message about protecting our environment. The sleeve is a real eye-catcher and is guaranteed to stand out on any shelf!

Flexible packaging of apples and pears with the Flex-Cassette

JASA's state-of-the-art Sleever can package products such as apples and pears on trays with paper sleeves at whirlwind speeds. However, not all apples are alike; natural products do not all come in the same size; they are sorted by size before packing. To facilitate packaging in different sizes and quantities, sleeves in various sizes are required. Packagers who pack different sizes needed multiple cassettes to slide the right sleeve around the trays. Not very practical! JASA came up with a solution. To prevent a flood of cassettes, a new solution was developed for product varieties: the Flex-Cassette. With this technology, only one cassette is needed to pack four, six, or eight apples in various sizes.

A big hit

JASA's sustainable packaging solution proved to be what many companies were probing. The flexibility it offers by packing 4, 6, or 8 apples makes this packaging machine very popular. And that success continues to spread, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Van der Lem, since 1948 a major player in the fruit and vegetable market, was one of the first in the Netherlands to integrate this innovative Sleever in its packaging line for apples. Meanwhile, the JASA Sleever also is established abroad. The packaging machine is highly popular in Italy, a country with a large apple market. And in South Tyrol, where Bio Südtirol packs organic apples on the JASA Sleever.


Complete packaging solutions

JASA can provide you with your new and complete packaging solution.  Based on your packaging needs, JASA will assess whether your line needs to be upgraded with additional machines. Possible options include a weighing system, filling stations, punnets/clamshell de-nesters, lidders, and conveyor belts. The compact JASA Sleever is easily integrated into existing lines. The cardboard sleeves can, in many cases, be used with the trays you currently use; only the plastic is replaced. We also consider the sizes you require and the best suitable packaging solutions; printed or unprinted film, labels, or action stickers, JASA's complete packaging lines make it all possible. Design your entire apple and pear packaging line with one dependable partner: JASA Packaging Solutions.

At JASA, we are continually innovating to serve our customers in the best possible way and offer the best packaging solutions for hard fruits. The JASA Sleever and Flex-Cassette are excellent examples of our innovative approach. Would you like to know more about our packaging options for apples and pears, or other hard fruits? Please contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions!

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JASA Packaging Solutions stands for innovation, quality and flexible packaging machines. We are your specialist partner in the development of vertical packaging machines, Sleevers, and complete weighing and packaging lines.

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