Huub Hoogland

From apprentice to a dream job, in four years

Huub Hoogland worked his way up to Service Technician.

At age 23 Huub Hoogland has his act together, he just bought his own house and landed his dream job as a Service Technician at JASA. A position he had envisioned for himself as soon as he joined JASA back in 2013. He went the extra mile to get the job, yet he knows how to relax too. In his free time, his first choice is boating.

Being Tech savvy, is that in your DNA?

“My father never worked as a technician, although it had always appealed to him, and he is actually quite the handyman. A skill I indeed inherited. Besides that, I really enjoy working with my hands. In my younger years, I would customize mini bikes. Recently I bought my own house in Oudkarspel, together with my dad we refurbished the house from top to bottom and successfully so!”

Do you regularly do the odd job together with your dad?

“My dad owns a steel longboat that he and I rebuild together. When the weather is good, you will find me on the water! I love to sail that boat across the Noorderplas. I often take my friends, boating, enjoying the sun and swimming, what more could one wish for? I find it both important and enjoyable to hang out with my friends in my free time. I have known these guys from early on, and we always have a great time together.”

Did you start at JASA during your school years?

“Indeed, I did. I was in a study program while working at the same time. At a certain point, I needed a regular workplace, and that is how I found a position at JASA as an assembly coworker. Meanwhile, I have concluded my study Mechatronics level 2 and 3. That enabled me to shift my job into the Service Technician position, my dream job from starters on!”

So, your career speared forward.

“Absolutely, I am very happy with my career at JASA. Back in September 2013, when I started at JASA, the recruiter asked me about my ambitions. For me, it was clear, I wanted to become a Service Technician. However, my school demanded that I would work as an assembly coworker for 4 years. My dream never changed, though. I wanted to become a Service Technician. The minute I had completed my studies, I was offered the job. That felt fantastic!”

Why is being a Service Technician your dream job?

“The challenges that come with the job and the fact that I work at various locations makes the job a perfect fit for me. All the time while I worked in the assembly department, I watched the technicians and heard them talk. At that time, I already knew for sure, this is what I want! I worked really hard to get this position. As this is my first job as a technician, I had to learn all the skills on the job. To me, this all came very naturally, and my transition to Service technician in July 2017 was a smooth one. I obviously already had the required experience with the JASA machines that enabled me to start working on them from day one. Really cool!

Huub Hoogland

Which duties do you perform as a Service Technician?

“I take care of regular maintenance and breakdowns as they occur. My daily routine is to check which jobs are scheduled for the next day. So in the morning, I can get my gear and parts together and head out, on my way to the customers. My clients are scattered all over the country, every day includes a road trip! Some days, I head out for just one major job, generally though I attend to several customers each day. Wherever the job takes me, It’s me and my tools on the go, just how I like it!”


When do you consider your day as successful?

“My day is made when I can repair a breakdown, often the customer has already performed an unsuccessful attempt to fix the hitch after which it becomes my turn. When I deliver a smooth fix, I’m the lifesaver of the day, an awesome feeling!”

Are you still satisfied with your dream job?

“Yes! I am in the right place. Although I cannot say that I will be doing this for the rest of my career. There will probably come a time that I want to change. I can project myself as a professional draftsman in the future, a new challenge. I would likely take a course in that field and develop myself further as a draftsman, but really that’s for the future. At this time, nothing can drag me away from my place!”


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