Environmentalfriendly packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging

Summer makes us bring out sunscreen lotions, rustle up sprightly salads filled with greens and grill hamburgers on the barbeque. All these products come well packed, and we are glad to notice that most of these items are wrapped and packed in sustainable packaging. Of course, you can count on JASA to focus on sustainable packaging too!

With the goal set on sustainable packing, the year 2019 became the year of focusing on paper packaging. Paper can easily be recycled, taking a lesser toll on the environment. We at JASA are set to focus on sustainable packaging; our prime examples are our Bag-2-Paper™ and Sleever both 100% cardboard, hence 100% recyclable.

The plastic problem

Years have already been spent on reducing the use of plastic, for example, the ban on free plastic bags in 2016. Finally, this movement is coming more and more into place. However, worldwide, only 14% of all plastic waste is being recycled. Litter in our streets has been a sign for a long time. The plastic soup in our oceans is expected to surpass the amount of fish by 2050. We at JASA definitely do not wish to partake in this! Instead, we focus on alternatives and existing solutions at hand to deal with this problem.

Plastic Soup

Less plastic, more sustainability

Reducing plastic by upcycling and prohibiting single-use plastic is already an enormous step in the right direction to minimize the use of plastics in the world. At JASA, we focus on reducing plastics in our packaging. We are as committed as we are conscious of the fact that we need to produce recyclable products to protect mother earth. We are aware of the fact that globally as much as 40% of all plastics are used in packaging, and only less than a fifth of it gets recycled. With our innovative, recyclable packaging, we contribute our bit to ensure a sustainable world!

Less plastic, more consumers

Worldwide consumers are growing into the habit of living a sustainable life. Word about the proven harmful effects of plastics and other such materials in our ecosystems is catching up rapidly. Besides the environment, this form of pollution also harms our health. This fact helps to develop consciousness of our behavior and how that influences the environment. Consumers are adapting their buying behavior towards a responsible way of life. With that, they also pay attention to the producer’s integrity. The questions became; is this company producing in an environmentally friendly manner, and how is this company contributing to our global society? A study by “Unilever” shows that 33% of all consumers take these facts into account when choosing products from a particular brand. Considering this, sustainable packaging is thus not only good for the environment, it also boosts your business!

JASA’s environmentally friendly packaging

JASA encourages innovation. We have been and are paying close attention to the increasing demand for sustainable and recyclable packaging, resulting in revolutionary technology; like our per plate packing of apples, other fruits, vegetables, and potato products. Our applied technology ensures that our packing materials are 100% recyclable. One of our prime applications is the JASA Sleever which is used to stretch-wrap products like fresh meat and plates with a top seal. State of the art and environmentally friendly.

On top of that, our machines are designed to the demands of the end-users.  That’s what the JASA Sleever is all about; the perfect all-round solution for plates, bowls, and any other wrapping needed.

Environmentalfriendly packaging

Green together

At JASA, we believe in sustainability, and we are not the only ones. More and more companies strive to reduce plastics in their packaging. Ultimately, we all carry the responsibility to reduce the burden on our environment, and every individual can make a difference, for instance by using environmentally safe grocery bags instead of plastic bags. Stop using pet bottles, shift instead to reusable bottles. In our previous blogs, we already mentioned that this day and age requires us to be aware of what we use and throw out. We should buy our food in small portions, making an effort to waste as little food as possible. Our blog also features a summary on how to recycle your waste. A guide to help you support a sustainable world!

Read more about paper packaging over here.


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