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JASA Packaging Solutions and Danfood Technology not only consider the quality of the machines, but both companies also recognize machinery services as an essential task of a premium company. Richard Norris, Managing Director of Danfood, and Leon Pickersgill, Danfood’s Sales Representative, talk about Danfood and their experience with JASA.

Machinery services

What exactly does Danfood do?

Richard: “Danfood was founded 30 years ago; during all those years, our focus was on brining and marinating meats, fish, and poultry. We are a specialized company and work with only a few suppliers. Up until recently, we were not at all involved in packaging.”

Leon: “That was until we came across JASA Packaging Solutions. One of our major customers had heard about your machines and they were eager to give it a try. That is why we did an in-depth study on the machines and the JASA company, and it sparked our enthusiasm!”

What kind of companies do you like to work with?

Leon: “Contrary to many of our competitors, we only work with a handful of brand names. This way, we keep our focus and specialism. We invest in long-term partnerships; that was one of the reasons we opted for JASA. We identified JASA as a company that has the potential for a long-term relationship.”

Richard: “When you engage with a new company, you have to invest time and energy, that is a given. Everything is new, and you need to absorb the new information and knowledge to make it your own. With JASA, we expected that it would be worth our while to make these investments, and we were right. In no time, JASA became an important facet of Danfood.”

Danfood has been in business for 30 years, how is the company doing?

Richard: “I have been working at Danfood for the past 16 years. To my mind, this is the most successful period ever, truly super! We owe this success to our great team. Not only the sales team but also our services department is a tower of strength. Leon and I are truly proud of our service team.”

In what way does Service contribute to your success?

Leon: “We are active in a small sector of the industry, which makes it essential to offer the best service. Our business wouldn’t survive if we rendered mediocre or poor services. The Danfood company is committed to quality. We strive for excellence for both our products and services.”

Richard: “Being a premium company, we choose to only collaborate with first-class market leaders. Offering a great product alone is not enough. We need short communication lines with our partners in order to react promptly and effectively in case problems arise. We find the same mindset and strategy at JASA, and you too have a strong and professional Service Department.”

Hence, in your view, it is not just about the quality of the machines, but also about offering high-quality services that form an essential part of a premium company?

Leon: “Yes, that is the trap that we encountered at other potential suppliers. Some companies have truly amazing machines; they, however, lack an export mentality. That will prevent us from achieving a solid market position.”

Richard: “We have seen companies nicely producing for their market segment but unable to export their product. For export, you need a complete and solid organization. You have to consider the differences in international markets, differences in mentality, and buying behavior. When we came in contact with Natasja Boekel, it became immediately evident that JASA has ample knowledge about exporting, a trait you like to see in any new partnership. Especially during the first period of about 12 weeks, some extra help is more than welcome.”

From brining and marinating to packaging, why did you make that choice?

Richard: “It was not a decision we took lightly. For thirty years, Danfood focused only on brining and marinating meat, fish, and poultry. Our business was entirely committed to our customer base. We operate in a niche market in which we do not see many newcomers. For us, the reason why we must ensure to retain our clients, and why we maintain solid customer relations.”

Leon: “To ascertain that we would make the right choice, we familiarized ourselves with JASA and even went to supermarkets, browsing the products. We noticed that most premium products are offered with a sleeve wrapped around the packaging. furthermore, we met with Natasja a couple of times, and we visited the JASA manufacturing plant.”

What is it like for you to enter this new market?

Richard: “It is exciting. It also helps us to further develop our company in other countries. We are very grateful for JASA’s professional approach, as it proves very helpful.

Leon: “During these extraordinary times, good and smooth cooperation with partner companies is of great value. Natasja contributed enormously to establish this. She is a great help and regularly contacts us, thus ensuring that entering this new market became a smooth process.”

Which role does JASA take at Danfood?

Richard: “Collaborating with JASA is besides pleasant also contributing to measurable success. The JASA Sleever became our new centerpiece. Our financial results over 2019 show that JASA largely contributed to our revenue.”

Leon: “Our revenue got boosted by some 20%. That's insanely good!”

Richard: “The perfect proof that we made the right choice to team up with JASA.”

Machinery Services

Why do so many customers buy the JASA Sleever from your company?

Leon: “We put much emphasis on our marketing. Customers find us online through Google ads and LinkedIn. I have never before experienced that customers reach out to us; it used to be the other way around. On top of that, a broad segment of customers is interested in JASA's Sleever; this reaches beyond our market focus on meat, fish, and poultry.

Richard: “When a customer contacts us, we step-by-step evaluate whether they indeed form a good match with the JASA product. We need to protect our high standing reputation in this market.”

Leon: “Our superb customer relations are a helpful asset. When we introduce a new product, our customers anticipate a premium product; obviously, that is precisely the case with the JASA Sleever.”

Machinery Services

What convinces people to choose the JASA Sleever?

Richard: “One of the most important reasons is the machine’s footprint. The machine’s speed is another advantage, but the small footprint makes the difference. In most plants, floor space is limited. Customers are very impressed when I address that this Sleever has the smallest footprint on the market. The JASA Sleever measures 4.9 ft while other brand sleevers are 8 to 15 Ft.”

Leon: “Our strong customer relations are valuable in this respect too. Many of our customers are unfamiliar with JASA’s products which makes them somewhat reluctant to decide. They do, however, trust us and our machinery services department.

Richard: “JASA deserves credit here too. Natasja managed to have a pilot machine installed at customers; that way, they could experience the machine’s performance in their factory. The speed and efficiency and the innovative flex cassette, and the machine’s consistency were clearly demonstrated. These customers were instantly convinced.”

What are your experiences with the JASA Sleever?

Richard: “We only have happy customers. After installation and commissioning, the machine runs like a charm, making our customers happy. The machine requires very little maintenance or replacement parts. The cost to run the machine is low. Our customers are happy with the JASA Sleever as we are happy to collaborate with JASA!”


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