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Complete packaging solutions for packing potatoes

Everyone who has ever bought potatoes in a supermarket knows that you can get potato packaging in every shape and size. Small packages, large packages, from pillow bags to doy-style packages and tray packaging - everything is possible. JASA, therefore, has a perfect solution for every packaging question.

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Potato packaging in every size

A few years ago the packages containing 5 to 10 kilograms of potatoes were very popular. Now we see a shift towards the packages containing 300 gram to 1.5 kilograms of potatoes. “Nowadays there are more different kinds of potatoes available. Older potatoes varieties are making a comeback”, Piet Pannekeet, founder of JASA, explains. “Because of that, the consumers are eating a larger variety of potatoes and therefore are buying smaller packages.” To meet the demands of the market, JASA is offering complete packaging solutions and packaging lines for all types of potatoes.

“You will see potatoes in a wide range of different packages”, Piet Pannekeet explains. “Some are packed in a plastic bag, while others are packed in a plastic sealed cardboard tray. For years these two ways were the norm to pack potatoes, but now we can replace the plastic packaging with paper: Bag-2-Paper™.”

Complete solutions to pack potatoes

JASA offers complete packaging solutions for unprocessed potatoes, from sorting machines to the outfeed belt. “Depending on the wishes of the customer, we can make a fully automated line.”

Through an industrial weigher, the sorted potatoes are weighed in exact portions. After that, the portions are packed in their respective packages. Through the outfeed belt, they are transported to the case packers or baler before they are shipped to the supermarkets and consumers.

Optical sorting machine for potatoes

To supply the best potatoes to the consumers, the potatoes are sorted by size and quality before they enter the packing line. JASA also offers solutions for this situation. Not only does the Newtec Celox machine sort the potatoes by size but it also scans the potatoes for quality. With the help of cameras, the potatoes are then analyzed before they are sorted accordingly. This process is incredibly fast and very accurate.

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JASA helps you find the best solution

There are so many possibilities. Therefore, it’s really helpful if someone helps you find the right solution. Not only are there a number of ways to pack potatoes, but there are also a number of methods to keep the potatoes fresh in their packaging. This helps give the potatoes a longer shelf life but also keeps them good after purchase. The longer the potatoes stay fresh, the less it will produce food waste. “JASA can help to come up with the perfect solution for our customers”, Piet Pannekeet explains. “It all depends on whether you are packing processed or unprocessed potatoes. With certain packaging techniques, we can create the most optimal conditions for the products. Together with the customers, we look at the wishes and the possibilities before creating a complete packaging line.”

Multifunctional lines for potatoes

Multifunctionality is an important part of the process for JASA and her customers. “We want to create flexible machines that offer several packaging solutions. We want to make sure that our machines have a very short changeover time. We can also add a bypass to the line. This gives our customers the option to pack the potatoes in both trays and bags at the same time, increasing the packaging capacity per minute. Depending on the chosen options, our lines can process 25-100 packages per minute.”

Sustainable packaging for potatoes

There are a few factors involved when choosing your new packaging solution. The first factor is to create a good work environment. We need to decide which machines need to be included and how we can optimize the complete packaging line. The next thing we will look at is which packages the customer wants to create and how can we make sure that the potatoes will be packed in the right conditions. The flexibility of the machine also plays a part in choosing the right machine. On top of that, sustainable packaging also plays a large role in the choice of the correct packaging solution.

With a focus on less plastic packaging, less environmental pollution, and more sustainable solutions, there is a new kind of pressure on the packaging industry. That’s why JASA created Bag-2-Paper™. This new revolutionary paper packaging solution is for products such as unprocessed potatoes. The potatoes are packed in 100% paper* packages. These paper packages can be recycled with the rest of the papers.

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Sustainable tray packaging for potatoes

Are you currently packing potatoes in a plastic sealed cardboard tray to keep the potatoes in place? We have a new sustainable solution for this too! Our new cardboard sleeve is a good alternative for the plastic packaging around the trays. The sleeve keeps the potatoes in place while keeping them visible at the same time. It’s the perfect solution for unprocessed potatoes. This will create a packaging solution that is 100% suitable for recycling.

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Looking for a complete solution to pack potatoes? Reach out to our sales team, they are always happy to advise you on the possibilities for you.

Read more about paper packaging over here.


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