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100% cardboard* sleeve packaging for apples

With the focus on sustainable packaging, JASA has set a clear theme for 2019. More sustainable packaging, better recyclable options, and less plastic. That’s what the consumer is looking for. That’s why JASA introduces a new way to pack apples: without plastic!


Integration with existing packaging lines

In this new packaging, the apples are kept in place with a cardboard sleeve. “The apples are still visible, are secured in place in the tray and can’t be taken out of their packaging,” Piet Pannekeet, founder of JASA, explains.

“On top of that, the JASA Sleever can be integrated into the packaging companies’ existing packaging lines."

In most cases, the cardboard sleeves can be used with the trays currently used. The sleeves only replace the plastic material that is now used to wrap around the tray. This means that the processes remain the same, such as filling trays and the machine capacity.


Environment-friendly cardboard sleeve

The environmental discussion on sustainable packaging is something that we take very seriously here at JASA. “We have regular sessions where we look at different markets and how we can pack products in a more environment-friendly way. The film that is currently used to pack apples is one of the things we looked at. That’s how we got the idea for the cardboard sleeve packaging without plastic.”

The new sleeve for apples is made out of 100% cardboard*. In combination with the right trays, the sleeve packaging will be 100% suitable for recycling.

“We wanted a sleeve that showed the apples,” Piet explains. “We think it’s important that consumers can see the apples, so they know the apples are nice, fresh, and of good quality. We also integrated a handle in the design so the package is easy to carry.”

The sleeve is attached to the tray with a label. This helps to keep the sleeve in place. On the label, you can print product information, barcodes, and other data. “The rest of the sleeve is the real eyecatcher.”


The Sleever is fast and can be used with other products

The JASA Sleever for apples processes up to 80 trays per minute. On top of that, the Sleever can be changed over to make a complete different tray/sleeve combination in less than five minutes, so you can use it with other products such as kiwis, tomatoes, avocados, and such. Curious about the options for you? Get in touch with out of our sales representatives!

Read more about paper packaging over here.

Disclaimer available at jasa.nl


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