JASA stands for innovation. We are continually developing new innovative machines and new weighing and packaging lines, we carefully listen to the wishes of our customers. Currently, in high demand by our customers are flexible weighing and packaging lines and plastic-free packaging.

We came up with answers. JASA's vertical packaging machines can pack many different products at high speeds. The machines can quickly and easily be adjusted to change the volume and type of packaging: from pillow bag to Doypack, with different kinds of foil and netting material. And JASA's most significant innovation? Our award-winning Bag-2-Paper™. Packaging made of paper, without plastic hence completely recyclable. Plastic-free packaging, precisely what the customer wants.

In addition to vertical machines, we also developed a revolutionary technology for tray packaging apples, other fruits, vegetables, and potato products: the JASA Sleever. At JASA, we aim for sustainability, our tray and sleeve packaging is totally recyclable.

Last but not least: JASA offers the total package: we have over 35 years of experience as a packaging system integrator. We supply complete weighing and packaging lines in the Netherlands, Germany, and the USA, whatever packaging you desire, we will make it our business to produce your, bags, trays, containers, and buckets; we will find the solution you require.

Sleever Solutions

Fast, compact and with fast changeover times, JASA’s state of the art Sleever has it all. Inspired by the growing collection of luxurious sleeved-packaging in supermarkets, we developed the ‘Next Generation’ Sleever with customer input.

JASA is an authority when it comes to the pre-glued sleeve technique, and customers chose the Dutch-designed Sleever because of its large sleeve and tray range. The newest innovation replaces the film used to pack apple trays. In combinations with the correct trays and cardboard sleeves the apple packages, but also those of other fruits, vegetables and potatoes are 100% suitable for recycling and can be packed without plastic film.

Of course, the JASA Sleever can also be used to sleeve ready-to-eat meals, salads, meat, fish, processed fruit and tapas.


Vertical Packaging Solutions

No packaging is too complex for JASA’s vertical packaging machines. JASA has a diverse and innovative proven track record with more than 1,500 vertical packaging solutions for more than 10,000 fresh products.

JASA is the specialist when it comes to vertical packaging and turnkey packaging. With over 35 years of experience, JASA’s team has expert knowledge to answer all your packaging questions.

If you’re looking for the newest and most innovative vertical packaging solutions, then JASA is the packaging partner for you. JASA is known for innovation and development within the packaging industry. For example the Quick-Pack and the multi-compartment packages on the vertical packaging machines. JASA’s innovative bag-2-paper™ even received three prestigious awards: the Dutch NL Packaging Award 2019, the WorldStar Packaging Award 2020, and the WorldStar Sustainability Award 2020.



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